11 Useful jQuery Tab Navigation Solutions

11 Useful jQuery Tab Navigation Solutions

Sometimes using tabs just makes a lot of sense. For instance, if you have a limited amount of screen real estate, tabs can allow you to save room by giving the user a way to toggle between several items in a small space. And to take your tabs a step further, you can throw jQuery into the mix for some nice transition and animation effects. If you’ve yet to build a tab navigation with jQuery, here are 11 tutorials and plugins to help you get going.

Create A Tabbed Interface Using jQuery

A tutorial and plugin for creating an animated tabbed area.

Sweet AJAX Tabs With jQuery 1.4 & CSS3

In this tutorials you’ll learn how to create an AJAX-powered tab page with CSS3 and jQuery.

Building a Better Blogroll: Dynamic Fun with SimplePie and jQuery

This tutorials teaches you how to build a dynamic tabbed blogroll with some fun jQuery animations.

Create a Slick Tabbed Content Area using CSS & jQuery

This tutorials teaches you how to build a simple little tabbed information box in HTML, then make it function using some simple Javascript, and then finally we’ll achieve the same thing using the jQuery library.

Feature List

This jQuery plugin enables simple and easy creation of an interactive “Featured Items” widget.

Fancy Sliding Form with jQuery

This tutorial teaches you how to create a fancy sliding form that shows some validation feedback to the user after each step. This form saves a lot of space and is easy to access – it basically works like a slide show, just that we have fieldsets of a form instead of images.

Create A Tabbed Interface Using jQuery

This tutorial teaches you how to easily create a tabbed interface using the Tabs function in the jQuery UI library.


This Jquery plugin lets you easily create tabbed content. All you need is an ul-element with some li-elements and a couple of related content-divs. The major difference between Tabify and it’s competitors is it’s size.


jQuery Plugin that generates a Tab Navigation from Markup that makes sense without Javascript. The generated Tabs are the only ones out there that work for Screenreader users without support for WAI ARIA.


idTabs is a plugin for jQuery that makes adding tabs into a website super simple. But it can also open the door to endless possiblities.

jQuery Moving Tab and Sliding Content Tutorial

Learn how to build a lava lamp tab and sliding content all together with just simple jQuery code. This script is good for sidebar that display recent posts, comments and community news.

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