Tips for Using Twitter Effectively for your Business

Tips for Using Twitter Effectively for your Business

The 140 character medium is perfect for your business or, so they say. What you communicate via 140 characters is heard well. Less words and more pictorial depiction goes well with your end consumers. If you want to attract them, you should learn the tweeting way. So, how do you as a business use twitter? How can it increase your leads, generate more end consumers or create a brand image? Using Twitter Effectively for your Business, because many brands are in Twitter.

Tips for Using Twitter Effectively for your Business

Tweeting without a defined purpose can get your business nowhere. So, make sure you know why you are on Twitter and how you can gain an edge by using this platform.

The Following are the Tips for Using Twitter Effectively for your Business

Defining the Brand

How would you like your brand to be presented before the people. Is it a cool and casual brand or something that’s formal and professional? What kind of tweets would you like to let out of your twitter account. These are very necessary as it gives out a perception of brand to the people.

What’s your Strategy?

Once you have defined your brand perception, you need to figure out your twitter strategy. It’s very important from your business building point of view. Is your goal to promote your brand, sell your product or increase user engagement, it has to be defined prior to beginning with the tweets.

Create your Account

Once you have a definite image and strategy in hand, its time to begin the show. First, follow twitter, to understand how it works, what kind of lingo people are hooked on to etc. Once you have an idea of it all, create your account. If you are a business, you should ideally use your business name as the twitter id as it allows people to connect easily. A profile without an image is not a good idea, especially when you are business. Make sure you add a relevant image to strike the right chord with your customers.

The Keyword Search

Know what’s being talked about or what’s relevant to your brand. Say a keyword search would give you an existing list of all the things that your end users search for. This would help you define and target your tweets towards your target audience. At the end of the day, if you don’t know what your target is looking out for, you would never be able to engage them.

Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags in twitter are essential to make sure that people get to you when they search for the relevant keyword. It is this hashtag that would redirect the target to your tweets. You should not use more than 2 hashtags in any tweet else it would look overcrowded. Make the two keywords that you feel are trending on twitter your hashtag and let it be tweeted.

Hashtag Research

If you want to know which hashtag is relevant to your tweet and is trending, you can search for it in five different places. One is the trending column in your twitter account. That would help you completely. is another place to research for hashtags. You can also check for trending and relevant hashtags from topsy, twitter reach and social mention.

Keywords in Profile

When you know what keywords define you the best, make sure it is added to your twitter profile. It will attract more people and generate leads for you.

Publish you Twitter Id

Whenever you are sending a mail to your client or any person, make sure you add your twitter id in the signature. Publish your twitter id on other social networking platforms too like Facebook etc.

The Follow Rule

You need to target those who are interested in your content. So, make sure you follow people using TweetAdder or Tweetpi. You can always get people to follow you by following them. Here the catch is that the maximum people you can follow using a single twitter account is 2000. But, by then you would definitely have maximized your twitter followers. Check out the various follow rules and apply the one that’s truly applicable.

Content is the King

Even if you play the target game beautifully but you fail to attract your viewers with valuable and good quality content, you have failed miserably. So, make sure website content is good enough to attract the people.

The above are Tips for Using Twitter Effectively for your Business.

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