Twitter To Aid Response in Real Time,  Claims  Study

Twitter happens to be a major social website that caters to millions of users who get hold of vital message and information for enhancing their knowledge and daily activities.

What is special about  Study of Twitter?

  • It provides vital information   about mishaps.
  •  Analysis of terms such as “power”,”electri”, “utility” were analyzed.
  • Researchers  have  been able to demoed the required ability of  Twitter to alert responders.

Twitter, along with, other social websites can help in the tracking of natural disasters in real-

time and is able to alert the first based responders of the requisite area that requires urgent aid according to the scientists. There are over 500 million tweets on a particular day and the new research that is being conducted is carried out investigations to come up with innovative ways to make use of the data in order  to  assist  communities  to respond to unexpected catastrophes.

Local governments and specific relief organizations were able to measure the ability of the community to respond to serious or any kind of disaster. They are able to measure the required impacts and monitor the effects in real- time. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University in the United States were able to demonstrate the

ability  of social media to be able to respond to a disaster or measure the impact afterwards. They are not  in  a position to monitor the effects in real time.

More about the study:

The researchers were able to study the effects of Hurricane Sandy a deadliest Hurricane that ever hit the US and acquired information about the corresponding power outage with the help of utility companies in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. A method of comparison of the requisite information that has been drawn from the power grid as well as the human chatter picked up from 10 million relevant posts on Twitter, the study team was in a position to create

a system for the detection of the event. With the help of acquired information the team felt that it was possible for Twitter to report the power outages more quickly. Earlier researches conducted have been prior and after the disastrous event.

Top researchers have been involved in the study and have been able to highlight the importance of Twitter as a social media. The primary aim of the study was to study the data and how it changes and be able to understand the happenings of the event better. It is a “real-time” monitoring system.

Monitoring the information on Twitter:

One has to be able to successfully monitor the information revealed on Twitter. The messages have to be studied for their intrinsic value, whether they are real or just spam messages. Low-quality messages have to  be  separated  as  one has to screen through the messages to filter the required data. The required software, methodology validation processes, writing of the data, conceptualization have all to be taken into consideration to be able to make a proper study of the messages that are tweeted on Twitter on  a daily basis.

The process is tedious but it is worth it.


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