Ecommerce Scripts for 2018

Python is the scripting language but is often used in non-scripting context as well. Its interpreters can be had for several operating systems. There are several eCommerce scripts for 2018 which are gaining much popularity.

Let us have look at some of them:


Django happens to be Python-based “free-open work” for web applications. The primary goal of Django is to ease the creation of rather complex, data-based driven websites. A principle of software engineering business is DRY ( Do not repeat Yourself) and the belief of this principle is that “every piece of knowledge must have single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.”

Ruby on Rails (ROR):

It is quite often referred to as Rails and is open source framework for the purpose of web application development. ROR runs on the Ruby language program language. It is a fully stacked framework that allows the creation of pages as well as applications that normally gather information from the respective web server for talking purposes or for queries regarding the database and thus be able to render the templates out of the given box. The meaning of Ruby on Rails means that one can accomplish more with less.

Client-side scripting:

This refers to programming the behavior of a particular behavior. Two popular client side-scripting are Javascript and VB script. There are several others as well such as Lingo which happens to be the script of the Adobe Director. Then, there is Apple Script used for Macintosh which permits the users to send commands to the respective operating systems

Advantages and Disadvantages of Scripting Languages:

On account of web-based applications, scripting languages have become very popular. The market contains very dynamic content and web development applications have become very professionalized. The purpose is to develop interactive web pages. Scripting has become more sophisticated and has changed much as compared to the conventional form of scripting.

How to use script languages ?

Image or text roll Based rollovers: In case the user rolls the mouse over a hypertext or graphic then a text or even a graphic will appear.

Field content validation:

While one fills a form then each field required field is highlighted with an asterisk which is validated no doubt for proper inputs. In case one leaves the field blank

Pop-Up Windows:

This appears on another web page rather than on the one where t was triggered off.

Advantages and disadvantages of script languages:

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Much effort is not required in their usages.
  • Complex tasks can be performed in less time.
  • Unauthorized downloading can be possible with the user not knowing where the information is coming from.
  • It can be downloaded from a remote server.


Scripting is essential for computer programming. Many experts are involved in it and it serves the purpose of the user well. In the future also scripting will be much focused upon and new ideas will be incorporated in order to make programming very effective and purposeful.


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