Ford ‘unboxes’ new EcoSport 2017

Ford has indeed successfully launched the new 2017 version Ford in the form of video. Features The new Ford EcoSport comes along with a new face as well as more features as... Read more »

Ecommerce Scripts for 2018

Python is the scripting language but is often used in non-scripting context as well. Its interpreters can be had for several operating systems. There are several eCommerce scripts for 2018 which are... Read more »

Google Assistant rounded redesign rolling out on Android

Google Assistant new interface is widely rolling out and has features that are very bright in the background and also has rounded interfaced elements. In fact, it has been rolling out this... Read more »
Google CEO Sundar Pichai to fix cheeseburger emoji

Google CEO Sundar Pichai to fix cheeseburger emoji

Can you imagine cheeseburger has become a topic of worldwide discussion? Google CEO Sundar Pichai made it a topic of ‘cheesy’ discussion. Thomas Baekdal, who happens to be the founder of Baekdal... Read more »