Google launches a new payments product in India-Tez

Google has bigger plans for expanding its mobile payment service popularly referred to as Android Pay steadily and slowly in India. After all, India has a large market for smartphones but is not on the list of the already existing countries where the service is actually available. Plans are in the offing to extend Android Pay service to India as well.

The big search engine giant is making the foray into digital payments market and it is not just a question of Android Pay. Google has dubbed the new service Tez which in the Hindi language means fast. Hindi is one of the official languages in India. Google had some time back submitted an application for trademarks, patents as well as for designs.

The service will be launched soon in fact on September 18th,2017 to be exact. It will be a dedicated app and Google has also planned to launch the “Tez” in other markets in Asia as well which include the Phillippines and Indonesia.

Google launches a new payments product in India-Tez

Google always want to improve its services and naturally, its digital payment arrangement also needs to be upgraded in the country. This payment package will be most welcome in India s it will facilitate the payment procedure.

Google always has new ideas and innovations and tries its best please its mobile users.

Google plans to involve other partners as well such as several large private banks in order to make its payment product. Apart from its UPI based service, Google will also integrate third-party payment wallets such as MobiKwik and Paytm among many others on its platform. This is to allow Google to make its entry into digital payment systems that go back as far back as three and half years. It is indeed quite an achievement.

What is the purpose of Google launches new payments Tez?

Tez is meant to provide better payment mode for its users. It may be in the local language of India but whatever said and done it is meant to ensure that the consumer finds it convenient to pay up and not have to go through some other complicated ways of handling his or her payments.

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Google followers can depend upon reliable facilities from Google as the latter always works in their favor. The need of the hour is good service be it These or other kinds of services. This Google player know very well and try their best to please their consumers. Being a mammoth organization it has the requisite financial resources to invest in better services. Payment procedures must be highly professionalized and it is being provided for in a convenient local language.

Tez will become popular service as many people speak and converse in Hindi and will find it a convenient application to make use of. It is important to cater in other languages as some may not be fluent in the dominant language


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