Pets Safety via Mobile Apps!

Mobiles have a great impact not only people but also on pets. Starting from RFID Implants to GPS tracking, mobile applications are providing safety nets to pets. If one has a dog that is more of a runner or a cat that likes to discover new places then these new mobile apps can be of great help. Competition is stiff in this industry with many mobile app companies trying to provide the best app that can keep track of your pet.

Life for pet owners is more peaceful as they can be rest assured that their pets are safe while moving around. They can now reliable on mobile apps and search the market for the best app.

Mobile Tracking:

Pets at home : An iOS for iPAD used across several departmental stores. They are coming up with innovative technology to provide better service to their customers.
Rescue Bank- It scales a non- profit organizational support in animal rescue. A scalable mobile development platform is made use of in order to reduce errors and also reduce costs. Rescue Bank believes in speed service delivery and rehabilitation facilities and services.

Both Pets at Home and Rescue Bank with their mobile apps have proved to be boon to pets owners. Reliable service is provided for. Shelter for homeless dogs and cats can be made available and also owners can be traced.

Digitalization of Pet Services

Digitalization of mobile application has made life more comfortable for pet owners and watchers as now they can ensure the safety of their pets. A more congenial and efficient environment has been created with these mobile apps.

Technology- abled Pet Life:

Technology is being used to make life safe and healthier for pets. It addresses their “real life needs” making feeding, walking or providing first aid treatment more easily.

8 Hi-Tech Accessories for Your Pet:

  • Hi-tech pet toys
  • Tag Pet Tracker
  • The Woofer
  • Puppy Tweets
  • Go-Go Dog Pals
  • Go-Go Dog Remote Fetching Machine
  • Smart Tracking
  • Home Tag Zone

Managing pets these days has become very difficult. Those who are working finding it very difficult and those with children at home need to be careful that the pets are not let lose as they please when the adults are busy attending to chores.

Technological innovation for Pet Care:

  • New Petfinder iPhone app is available to keep a watch on your pet
  • Android App
  • Mobile sites
  • Shelters and group help is there
  • New video section
  • Dog as well as cat breed literature and guides.


It is but obvious that pet-care has become a professional service and mobile apps have also entered the market to provide the requisite safety measures to the owner. Pet owners can launch onto to mobile sites and become aware of various technological innovations that are available for their pet safety.

Mobile apps have come into operation to trace these pets when lost and also to ensure the health of the pet.

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