LG’s latest Android smartphone is a flick phone

LG’s latest Android smartphone is a flick phone

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It was not that long ago that flick phone, or clamshell handset as it is known in the US, was the essence of modernity. If you did not have the Motorola Razr, you were no one. But then the smartphone revolt happened, and the flick phone is relegated to the technological history books alongside Betamax, cassette tapes & the Mini Disc Walkman.

And when LG is not efforting to bring back to life the form factor with its new handset, LG Wine, it is trying to offer consumers more choice & the chance to make a more individualistic technological statement.

The company calls it the hybrid smartphone as it runs Android Lollipop & thus the latest apps, & has 3.2-inch touch screen as well as old-school numerical buttons. It offers wi-fi, Bluetooth, 4G/LTE connectivity & memory expansion through MicroSD card & also enhances front & rear cameras. Although, both are basic. The front-facing camera is simply webcam quality while the rear-facing unit is 3-MP.

LG's latest Android smartphone is a flick phoneIt would not win any photography awards but the flick phone does offer some benefits over its smarter brethren — it has the proper keypad for fewer typos & faster messaging & because its buttons are covered by screen when not in use, pocket calls are practically impossible.

Then there is fact that the flick phone still has a status of cool in Asia, mainly in Japan where sales are climbing at the expense of smartphones. According to data published in February by the MM Research Institute, flick-phone shipments jumped nearly 6 percent to 10.85 million units in Japan over 2014 while smartphone shipments fell by 5.3 percent.

And when Asian smartphone firms from Samsung to Sharp & LG continue to build the devices particularly for their home markets, what makes LG Wine stand out is that it is going on sale worldwide, following positive response from South Korean owners where handset is already on sale & called the LG Gentle.

Chris Yie, vice president & head of marketing communications for LG Mobile Communications Company said that their goal with the LG Wine Smart was to create the smartphone that fans of flick phones could grip. Consumers should not have to miss out at the smartphone revolution because they prefer an especially phone design over another. With LG Wine Smart, they would not have to.

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