Amazon Introduces Fire Phone to beat Android and iPhone.

Amazon Introduces Fire Phone

Amazon has pioneered a new Smartphone with audio and objects recognition technology that helps the consumers to position and procure products and services from the nation’s leading e-commerce Company. The new Fire Mobile also contains the features to display images in 3D.

Amazon Introduces Fire Phone
Amazon Introduces Fire Phone

New Feature of Fire Smartphone:

  1. Amazon’s Fire Smartphone, new feature allows users to take a photo of an object such as a soup can or a toaster and helps to acquire more information about it.
  2. Many new features are available as separate apps in Fire Smartphone.
  3. For example, Sony has a tool for getting information over the internet by snapping a landmark or a bar code. Fire phone goes further by integrating audio recognition.

The Fire Smartphone contains a screen measuring 4.7 inches diagonally. It will be smaller than leading Android phones, but it is larger than Apple’s iphone. Amazon Introduces Fire phone

Availability of Fire Smartphone in the market:

Amazon’s Fire Smartphone will be available from July 25th in the U.S. exclusively through AT&T. People who want to buy Fire phone can start ordering it from 19/06/2014.

Amazon’s ‘Fire’ Smartphone storage capacity:

  1. The Fire Smartphone will have the double storage when compared to other leading high end phones.
  2. The cost of Fire Smartphone is 200 USD for a base model with 32 gigabytes and 300 USD for 64 gigabytes.
  3. Both oblige two year service contracts. Without contracts, they will cost $650 and $750.
  4. The phone will come with 12 months of major membership, which is normally $99 a year. Existing Prime members will get their term extended.

Features of Fire Smartphone:

  • Fire Smartphone is the centerpiece of the new phone.
  • If you capture a photo of a book, it will help you to buy it as an e book or a physical copy.
  • If you are listening to a song playing in the background, it will direct you to that tune on Amazon.
  • It can even show you the facts and data, by showing a Wikipedia with information about the painting you have cracked.
  • This aspect will also allow you to snap bar codes, phone numbers and more.
  • Another typical feature of Smartphone is 3D images. You can rotate the Fire phone and get a different view depending on your angle of vision.
  • The Fire mobile contains a 2 megapixel camera and 13 megapixels on the rear end for normal shots.
  • The rear camera has image stabilization to work against shaking as people capture shots, something which is available in other mobiles as well.

Offers unlimited free photo storage on cloud:

  • Amazon is offering unlimited free storage for photos on its Cloud Drive service.
  • The mobile will also come with ear buds that have flat cords and magnets to hold them together, so twisted cords will be history.
  • And it has an auto scroll feature that lets you to scroll down website articles or books by slanting the mobile.

Amazon Introduces Fire Phone. Here you can find its features, releasing date and also other related details to it.

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