All about iPhone 6 Rumors

All about iPhone 6 Rumors

IPhone 6 will be launched out in May, but iPhone 6 has not stopped the gossip from endeavoring to predict what Apple has planned for its next Smartphone launch. While the many details about its next iPhone accumulated linger an anonymous, there is one commonality among most assumption that Apple’s newest smart phones will likely have larger displays. Taking assumption one step further, Mac Rumors has even custom built renderings of supposed iPhone 6 design drawings of 5.7 inch and 4.7 inch models.

All about iPhone 6 Rumors


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Mac Rumors’ Arnold Kim says that design of iPhone 6 will be like an unusual one to a new iPhone launch. However, they are not always correct, Kim said that “In some cases, as with the iPhone 5C, early design leaks turn out to be pretty close to the ultimate product, although in other cases they twirl out to be indefinite.”

Why Apple requires a larger iPhone

Apple looks like to be embracing the idea that a larger iPhone is essential, making the prospect investors to glimpse these suspected models greater.

A number of Apple analysts have started to make attempts at estimating the crash of a larger iPhone on Apple’s financials. For longtime, Apple analyst Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald is one among them. He shared the following in a note to investors:

If Apple is planning to launch an iPhone with a larger display, the progress could hand out as an outstanding means for the store. Restoring its iPhone lineup with a new form factor which meant to provide to a proven market to help Apple to increase speed in the year over year growth rate of its iPhone business. In Apple’s first economic quarter, unexpectedly low growth rate of 7% for the business astonished investors.

Bigger than the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is important, but iPad, iPhone and iPod were amazing, One hundred of Apple’s top engineers are busy building one in a secret lab. And an ABI investigation report forecasts 485 million of them could be put up for sale over the next decade. But you can endow in it right now for just a fraction of the worth of AAPL stock.

According to the publication, both new iPhone models were planned to use in cell touch screens which is a technology that slims down the overall thickness of a device’s touch panel by including capacitive touch sensors into the LCD array. Apple first introduced the technology in 2012 with the iPhone 5.

Screen Size:

The size of iPhone ranging from 4.7 to 5.7 inches, but have most constantly pointed to two distinct models 4.7 and 5.5 inches. When Apple switched from the iPhone 4’s 960×640 display to the larger 1136×640 display in the iPhone 5, it was the first time Apple had altered the screen size on the phone since its 2007 launch.

Display Technology:

Current iPhone use Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) technology and Apple is likely to persist using that technology for the iPhone 6. With the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini, Apple adopted Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) technology in order to create thinner displays that draw less power than seen with the amorphous silicon (a-Si) displays used on previous models, but LTPS already offers better electron mobility than IGZO and thus Apple will almost surely continue using LTPS in its smaller iOS devices for the time being.


Advancements in LED backlighting may permit Apple to design a thinner, lighter iPhone 6. Apple is reportedly shifting from 0.6mm LED backlight to a thinner 0.4mm model, giving it a bit of extra room to work with. The increased size of the device may also bestow Apple additional room to spread out components, allowing the company to reduce device thickness even further.

Other Features:

Apple’s next-generation iPhone may also support the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard that first began appearing in Apple products in 2013. 802.11ac, or “Gigabit” Wi-Fi, offers speeds up to three times as fast as existing 802.11n wireless networks, reaching speeds over 1 Gigabit per second. While 802.11ac technology was not quite ready for the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, Apple Wi-Fi chip supplier Broadcom has recently come out with a new 802.11 Ac Wifi chip for smart phones.

Camera Additions:

Apple’s iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 also used the same 8-megapixel sensor, but Apple significantly improved camera quality in the iPhone 5s through an increase in pixel size, a larger space, a new “True Tone” dual-LED flash and software enhancements, and if it is possible the company will follow the same camera improvement strategy in the iPhone 6.

The above details are All about iPhone 6 Rumors.

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