Amazon Echo – Best Smart Speaker (2017)

The original Amazon Echo was considered to be the best smart speaker. It was an unfriendly and a black plastic cylinder that appeared like it had come from the wrong side of the Force. No doubt, the white version was only a bit slightly better. The new Echo rather would be an attractive speaker, fitting rather effortlessly into one’s home décor which is at much lower price than of course previous model.

In 2017, one’s of Alexa speakers has considerably expanded. One can get a little more $49.99 Echo Dot and will pair it with a better speaker. One can get a $149.99 Echo Plus that has a built built-in home based automation hub, or even a higher-end $199 rated Sonos One speaker for a true multi-room audio and extremely good sound quality. At $99.99 one can buy three at a time and the Echo is actually designed to be the workaday every-room speaker for those who can afford perhaps a little bit more than the Dot, and expect a better look and better volume.

Amazon also consists of the $229.99 Echo Show as well as upcoming, $129 Echo Spot, which do add screens. The Show is less of a voice-enabled speaker and more of a kitchen tablet with the powerful audio, while the Spot does look like a voice-enabled alarm clock. Those two do also have cameras, for video calling and also show smart-home video feeds, and also function as the baby monitors.

If one were not with Alexa as well as the Echo line, then they have developed over a period of time from the devices that let one shop and therefore one can listen to the music into an all-purpose home assistants.

One can load the Alexa app onto one’s Smartphone and thus step through the pairing settings to configure the Echo. Once the speaker is actually set up, one does not really need the app anymore unless and until one is connecting to newer smart home devices or perhaps changing device settings, or rather adding new skills. It’s worthwhile to keep it with you as it provides a list of one’s past queries cum answers. The app displays a history of all of the questions one may ask Alexa, thus letting down the scroll also see when the Alexa has misheard you, and also offers Bing searches cum Amazon links for further information about one’s requests.

After one taps the menu icon on the top left that opens a menu to let on control the settings for one’s Alexa as well as smart home devices but also does manage one’s Amazon music as well as book libraries along with checklists, reminders cum alarms. One can set reminders as well as alarms in the app or by voice and then they will work on all of the other Alexa devices.

Dual-band Wi-Fi range is certainly as good as on the other midrange smart speakers. There are no surprises in the testing done so far.

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