Future  World-WideTechnology Predictions 2017

Future technological innovations are innumerable and the users are no doubt in for a treat. In every part of the world something new is emerging or is likely to emerge as useful techno-savvy product that would make life easy and comfortable.

Technological innovations are manifold and every year has its own offerings. We live in a fascinating world that has much to offer for our comfort and to improve upon our lifestyles in every aspect, be in our daily living, health or  use of better gadget. 2017 has indeed been and will be a remarkable year. It has so far offered many new technological offerings and many more are likely to come into our daily life activities.

Few upcoming World-wide 2017  technological innovations:

  • Soon China’s fourth generation based 200 megawatt, nuclear reactor will start operating.
  • Samsung to release foldable smartphone.
  • First UAE nuclear plant activated.
  • An automated fish farm with first fish being harvested from the oceansphere.
  • India’s Delhi cum Mumbai Industrial Corridor Project has been completed.
  • Each solar panel, per watt costs about 1.7 $US .
  • Robotic chef arms that are able to cook about 200 different recipes can be purchased.
  • In Dubai, The Falconcity of Wonders” has been completed.
  • High Speed rail in California has been built.
  • The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has been constructed.
  • In Egypt the South Valley Development has been completed.

Future  World-WideTechnology Predictions 2017More to know:

  • Self driving cars to be future transportation.
  • Privacy may become an obsolete term.
  • Social media influence will increase with opportunities and power.
  • Scientists warn that the Earth has a span of only 10 years.
  • Internet has brought subtle changes in the lives of people.
  • Spelling of messages with one’s brain.
  • How fit are fitness trackers?
  • First head transplant in late 2017.
  • Are virtual relationships connecting or rather disconnecting lives?
  • Can disease free world be created?
  • What will be the future pet appearance?
  • Can cancer be treated by targeting fat in order to stop the growth of cancer cells.
  • The use of complexity of digital streaming.
  • How nature will shape our future.
  • E-showers to replace showers.
  • Robot chefs to be in one’s kitchen soon.
  • Laundry folding robot.
  • Will drones replace police cars?

 How 2017 technological innovation to impact us?

Regular conferences and symposiums are held in various parts of the world to discuss technological updates that would influence our lives. For example, on September 28th CyrusOne will be joining Leidos to inaugurate their Supplier Innovation and Technology Symposium. Senior  executives from the industry, leaders from various governments will be participating. It will be held at Reston Virginia at Hyatt Regency Reston Town Centre. Similarly, many meetings have been held  and will continue to be held as technology is a major area that affects our daily lives in many ways.


Every year makes it own contributions in enhancing technology and 2017 is not exception Observing the various offers, one can conclude it is major year for better technology updates and one hopes that by year one is exposed to more of them.

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