Xiaomi set to launch another in India, not the Redmi Note 5

Xiaomi has joined hands with Samsung and has done wonders for smartphone technology. The company is all set to launch another innovation and thus making it one more thing in India, in the days to come. It’s indeed been a busy year for Xiaomi.

What does this new product entail?

Till now Xiaomi has been come up with Android-based smartphones and has been announcing the opening of Mi Home stores across the country, over a dozen of them, the Xiaomi’s upcoming device or product or initiative will indeed be a little different. This new upcoming device or product or rather the initiative will be focused towards the rural market. Xiaomi officials have been interacting with rural folks and making field trips to the villages. The idea is to gain insight as to how the villagers live and how best efforts can be made to change their lifestyles.

Main aspects of this new Xiaomi product:

  • The product could turn out to be anything except Redmi Note 5.
  • One hopes to get more information very soon about what is being launched.
  • Efforts are on to make forays into villages.
  • To mix with village people who are still hesitant to use smartphones.

What could the new product be?

  • The new product or device or initiative is targeted towards the rural market.
  • It could be anything, from an entry-level feature phone to entry-level smartphone to an ecosystem product meant to rural masses.
  • Home-grown brand.
  • A selfie-centric device.
  • The fast charging smartphone and the best selfie camera smartphone could indeed be two separate smartphones.
  • Easy to use for the villagers.
  • New device will make entry into the growing trend of selfie cameras.
  • The device will also be equipped with a fast charging.

It is indeed quite surprising that the focus of Xiaomi is upon rural ventures and this smartphone will be oriented towards the convenience of the village mobile users. Most of the villagers still are hesitant to use a smartphone or are not so familiar with them. Naturally, tapping that segment of the market will indeed bring about good man more users. The general trend is to cater to the urban market needs as most of them are techno-savvy.

For technology to make its real impact in the villages, the innovation has to be indeed remarkable has it has to appeal to the simple tastes of the villagers who are less exposed to new technological innovations even if they happen to be smartphones.

The Xiaomi new product will certainly impact the lifestyle of the villages and it is hoped that its product will sell well in the market, even if it is a question of tapping the rural market.


The suspense is indeed intriguing and the effort to come up with an innovation for the rural people is fascination and is something that needs to be taken note of.


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