How to Find Your Competitor’s Backlinks ? 

Competition is stiff these days and each competitor wants to outdo the other competitor. The same applies to Google search as well; if one’s search is good, the results are good and more revenue flows in.

How does one overtake one’s competitor in Backlinks?

There are 8 ways of dealing with the given situation.

Firstly, one has to create backlink alerts for each of one’s competitor n the back portion of the Ahrefs Alerts This will enable a weekly based email listing of all the new backlinks that have been discovered by Ahrefs.

Secondly, One has to setup for each respective alerts for the brand names. This permits us to get a notification whenever it is mentioned on the online.

Thirdly, Finding sites that are linked to more than one competitor,  so that one can find links from that site as well.

Fourthly, In order to view individual links, one has to press on the respective link. One wants to improve upon one’s search.

Fifthly, One can make use of the Intersect Tool to show the sites by linking them to any of the concerned domain.

Sixthly, sort out the search by number of intersects.

Seventhly, when one works through the respective searchess, one comes across a number of opportunities to build up backlinks. One can go through the competitor’s report to find for his or her backlinks.

Eighthly, One must be able to find  the popular content of the competitor.

It is quite evident that the search of the respective competitor has to be observed and efforts must be made to get to know their respective backlinks and accordingly play the game of winning over.

Other options are guest blogging which is  a good way of identifying backlinks. It will  improve the Google search. In case the competitor has been accepted  for a particular guest post on a particular site, and this would imply that your site will be too on the guest post list. No doubt, one has to go through several links and that could prove to be a tedious task. The best way out is to identify the competitors branded anchor links which indicate to the competitor’s respective home page.

How to Find Your Competitor’s Backlinks ? How are backlink tools useful?

The competitor’s backlinks can be used for targeting respective audience. The Open Site Explorer is very useful tool for research purposes. It will highlight the quality of in bound links making use of metrics such as Page Authority, Spam Score and Domain Authority.

One has to prioritize as well as identify the respective backlinks with the help of these tools. Also, the Inbound links will be able be able to display all of the pages that are linked to the competitor’s website. One will be able to identify the source of the backlinks.


These SEO processes are indeed to improve upon one’s search and thus have an edge over one’s competitor. One can incorporate these suggestions in one’s SEO training and thus be able to gain a firm foothold in the domain of searches in Google. Being able to identify the backlinks and then facing up to the stiff competition of a better Goolge search will require that these backlink identifying tools are well utilized towards that end.

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