5 reasons why S7 users not to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to be unveiled, bringing to an end months of expectation and leaks regarding the business’s first high profile start following the Note 7 disaster. Not surprisingly, both S8 and S8+ sport and the bezel-less screens, modern looking a brand new intelligent digital helper like Siri and google assistant “Bixby” and the little bit upgrades in the hardware.

There’s no uncertainty the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will probably function as the most effective Android smartphone of the year. Yet, I, however, believe there aren’t many convincing reasons to change to Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+ merely yet. Here are 5 reasons why you might hold off updating to the newest cell phone.

Awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner was transferred to the back, right alongside the camera. Well, that means before you pick up the telephone, the fingerprint is almost worthless. While it’s charging additionally, I can’t unlock the unit anymore. In my experience, although back fingerprint scanner is finding popularity among many Android makers, everything looks like a significant design flaw.

5 reasons why S7 users not to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S8

No camera upgrades that are leading

The Galaxy S7 is still rated by me as among the greatest camera smartphones in the industry. And I anticipated the Galaxy S8 to be better than its forerunner in the photography section that was cellular. Astonishingly, the identical Galaxy S7 camera has been fitted by Samsung to the Galaxy S8. There is a few progress in image processing also. On the other hand, the mobile will fight to provide better zoom and depth of field.

That elaborate screen

On paper, the Galaxy S8’s “Infinity” screen seem extremely cool. But I don’t view the actual good thing about getting a higher aspect ratio (Samsung asserts 18:5:9). For instance, in the event that you would like to look at a video on YouTube stunning display then prepare yourself to endure those black bars. That’s because the content that may see on the YouTube is intended to be satisfied on a 16:9 screen.

Note 7 Still hurts many

Needless to say, Samsung would such as one to just forget about the Note 7. However, as a user, I might wish to await a couple more months to ensure as Samsung asserts it’s the Galaxy S8 is really as safe.

A great number of choices that are excellent

If Samsung didn’t manage to win over with all the bezel-less Galaxy S8, there’s an extensive array of options out there which might satisfy your preferences. Not really a bezel- smartphone, yet this Apple main is an extremely competent mobile at the conclusion of the day. The Google Pixel XL sports what promises to function as most innovative camera smartphone in the industry. And yes, I don’t believe there’s a better smartphone compared to Pixel XL to expertise stock Android. Along with a device including OnePlus 3T is great – at half the expense of the Galaxy S8.

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