Google Adwords Enhanced Features of 2014

Google Adwords Enhanced Features of 2014

People are living their lives online, looking for the content that is most helpful for them. Sometimes this content is on websites, sometimes in mobile apps. For several years, Google has recommended popular formats through Ad Mob network and Google search ads to help you to promote your app. Since they launched, Google have helped businesses drive with hundreds of millions of app downloads with these offerings. Google has proclaimed the next generation of these features across Google search ads, You Tube and Display Network.

Google Adwords Enhanced Features of 2014
Google Adwords Enhanced Features of 2014

Google finally dribbled the enhanced features that are coming to Ad Words. These enhanced features of Google Ad Words will all turn over the course of the next few months.

Outline of New Ad Words Features:

  • The enhanced features of Google Ad Words will be totally optional contrasting last year’s compulsory Enhanced Campaigns update.
  • No subsisting features are being retreated as a result of these new features.
  • Rather than larger scale event launches, employment of these new features will most likely be done on a percentage increase.

Google Adwords enhanced features:

Enhanced Innovation:

For businesses gazing to endorse app installs on the Ad Mob network, Google will permit to accomplish people who are most likely customers and based on the apps they utilize, the frequency of use and the types of in-app purchases they create. For example, if you exercise habitually and make use of an app to evaluate how far you scuttle, you might see an app that helps you to assess the foods you eat and the calories consumed. Google is enabling app installs as an improvement to the current True View offering on YouTube.

Simple reengagement:

Many businesses are capable to acquire their apps onto a device, but might by no means perceive their customer again. Over 80% of downloaded apps are used only once and then obliterated. Google has announced a new app called reengagement campaign type in Ad Words for both display and search so that consumers can be taken directly into already installed apps. For example, if someone has the Hotel Tonight app installed on their mobile phone and searches for hotels in San Francisco on, they can go directly to the exact page in Hotel Tonight about San Francisco hotels, as an alternative of being taken to the app’s main landing page.

Better measurement:

In Google Ad Words, you will soon be able to calculate conversions across the complete lifecycle of the app from install to reengagement to in app purchases.

Enhanced measurement = Enhanced campaigns

Last year, Google has introduced Estimated Total Conversions to facilitate you to determine the full value of your campaigns, including phone calls and conversions that happen across devices.

Many businesses are already using this to notify their budgeting and bidding decisions, and to discover new customers.

The response on Estimated Total Conversions has been great, so Google has continued to endow in this product. As people investigate more in online for local businesses and then go into the store to formulate purchases, Google determine the efficiency of search ads at driving in store sales, using purchase data from trade partners.

One of the enormous benefits of Ad Words is that it tenders an implausible platform to test and squeeze live campaigns. Ad Words is delivering helpful information to people at the right moment and helping businesses to succeed.

The above are the Google Adwords Enhanced Features of 2014

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