New, unconfirmed Google ranking update ‘Fred’ shakes the SEO world

It is interesting to note that the SEO world is observing that Google has come up with fresh update popularly referred to as “Fred Update”, the name being given by Gary Illyes, who in fact said rather jokingly that all Google fresh updates must be named as “Fred Updates”. The purpose behind this is to improve upon the link algorithm of Google. As one is aware, Google is constantly trying to update its technology for the benefit of its users. This “ Fred Update” is the latest. This was so in early February.

This update of Google is quite evident by the shifts in the search results which indicate the changes in the algorithm. Google usually never confirms its fresh updates. One is awaiting for a nod from them. The only indication available is from employees associated with Google such as John Mueller as well as Gary Illyes.

Large shifts have been reported from Google algorithm and the changes in search results cannot go unnoticed. The observation has been made with the help of automated tracking tools that significantly indicate the volatility as well as fluctuations, which also are indicative of an update by Google.

How did the sites get affected?

• Heavy advertising
• Shallow Content
• Affiliate heavy (ie Amazon and so forth)
• Some local business site

The traffic on the site got affected and this usually makes the users to panic.

How can one recover from Fred update?

It is imperative to refer to Google guidelines. The best thing is to create a site that rests on a foundation of content that is solid. One follows the Google guidelines that one can take a note of Google index, find and thus be better equipped to rank one’s site. In fact, there are a hundred ranking factors. It is not so that single ranking factor affects the site. Google constantly rolls new updates and those that are targeted are those sites which are over-optimized.

Many users have appreciated the awareness that has been created about the Google Fred update. They have to be alerted about these updates and also whether they are genuine ones. These updates must not be mouse traps for them. If there are changes in Google algorithm, it is but natural for users to “panic” as it involves readership and revenue.

Who all got affected by Google Fred Update?

Several blog and content sites were affected by this new update. The SEO industry has been keeping a keen watch on this update and has alerted itself accordingly. Users are always keen to know what Google is up to. They have to make the required changes accordingly in order to maintain their traffic and revenue flow. They cannot afford to lose out on revenue as well as traffic. Google always suddenly spring surprises and the SEO industry has to keep a constant vigilance or be alerted of the Google updates that keep cropping off and on.

So, one can say Google updates do impact users and Google Fred has also done the same.

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