5 Exceptional Websites to Check out Google Keyword Rankings

You require only 10 to 15 minutes to make use of a keyword search tool such as Semrush or the Google keyword search tool in order to find out which keywords to use. One must be sure of taking advantage of such tools to be able to accomplish this essential part of the work.

On completion of one’s writing SEO-optimized post, one has to make use of one’s own target keywords. Subsequently, the next step is to keep a track of its search engine rankings and also to continue the building up of backlinks with the help of proper anchor text.

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One has to be sure of selecting proper keywords as this one of the important factors that are involved in ensuring a better ranking in Google’s search engine. The blogger must be able to make use of the keywords that users search most of the time especially the keywords that usually help one’s website to show up on the first few pages of the respective search results.

5 Websites to Check out Google Keyword Rankings

What must one keep in view while google Keyword Rankings?

  • One must pick-up the appropriate keyword to rank it and also track its position in the concerned search.
  • The blogger or the concerned SEO professional must check their Google keyword rankings for target keywords.
  • Bloggers as well website administrators commit the mistake of writing as well as publishing articles without proper targeting of any keywords at all!
  • In order to achieve proper ranking on the page, the SEO should be able to have good chances of getting him or post the initial 50 search results.
  • To improve one’s SEO activity, one must be able to manage the keywords properly in order to be able to find out which of the keywords are strong enough for a particular domain and those which are not. This sort of information permits one to be able to work on using the strongest keywords, thus increasing one’s likelihood of getting hold of a better ranking in the Google as well as other search engines.
  • In order to be able to attain this goal, one needs a tool that one can tell an SEO where a specific type of keyword ranks in the Google’s search results without actually manually going through hundreds of search results as well as pages.
  • In order to be to observe the respective ranking of keywords, there are excellent freely available online tools in order to check out one’s target keyword position in the Google.


Ranking of one’s post on Google search engine is important and the SEO has to make constant efforts to be able to come on the first few pages. Business profit, advertisements, and product promotion are possible if the write-up that an SEO optimizer is ranked well on Google search engine or other search engines including Yahoo.

A good SEO is one who knows his or job well and is able to identify keywords easily on the Google search.

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