What advanced SEOs need to know about algorithm updates ?

SEO task is a specialized affair. In a world where Google does not announce or confirm its updates, the SEO has to keep  a  watchful eye on Google’s algorithms. Earlier, yearly updates would take place, but now the trend is towards daily or weekly algorithm updates. The SEO has to keep pace with these updates and has to literally remain on his or her feet to keep track of the changes in Google algorithm.

How  SEOs can to keep track of unannounced Google algorithms?

SEOs need to be provided with the checklists and updates so that the SEOs can identify in a better manner the various penalties and also be able to make an assessment of the traffic drops and accordingly take required action.

It is indeed difficult for SEOs to make assessments without Google making the announcement of its updates. They find it difficult to resolve issues. Guidance coupled with transparency on the part of  Google is essential for an SEO to excel in his or her performance. They should receive the necessary warnings as to what they must be aware of? They must not get penalized on account of certain neglects of updates.

Decline in traffic due to other reasons: There could be decline in traffic on account of other factors, such as site updates, site redesigns, analytic adjustments and so forth. If any doubt arises it is due to the SEO being unable to perceive things rather than Google being responsible for the given situation.

Before getting penalized it is important to identify the changes made on the site. One has to communicate to all the team members, be it of content  or  quality to be able to identify the changes made in the updates.

What advanced SEOs need to know about algorithm updates ?Few checklist suggestions to keep a track of update pitfall:

  • The Search Console needs to be checked: a manual penalty can be assessed.
  • All organic data to be checked: If the impact of algorithm data is there then one must realize it is not an algorithm change.
  • Observe competitors: Algorithm updates are aimed at certain search results and industries. One must observe one’s competitor.
  • One must observe the page where the traffic drops: In case one sees one page that is being impacted, then it is not an algorithm change.

Whenever traffic drops one must observe all of the above factors and then come to a conclusion. Proper SEO work can be carried out if all factors are well assessed and then accordingly the SEO makes the required changes in his or her SEO operations.

Tools for SEO activity:

Several tools are available for SEO activities and also keep a track of SERP volatility. Yet, this is only in limited way and some industries fluctuate more as compared to others. Tools help in observing the performance levels of a site. It is important to take note of the performance levels of the industry; in other words, one has to look beyond one’s website and see how one’s industry is performing otherwise.

Google wants to provide the best results to its users and wants  to aid them in their SEO observations.

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