7 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Search Traffic

Every SEO (search engine optimization) in order to attain success in his or her work wants that his or traffic must increase. He or she has to please the businessman to be able to sell his or her product to the maximum viewers. Brand awareness is important and can be done through aggressive optimization. Thousands of viewers out there are looking out for good content in the sense which would enable them to able to select gadgets according to their merit and also acquire essential information. SEO experts are meant to help them select their choices and also be able to read the essential information.

Almost 80% of the website traffic starts from a query and that is why SEO work is essential.

7 Advanced SEO Techniques

What are the 7 advanced techniques of SEO?

  1. Research cum experimentation: Google updates its algorithms constantly and it is important to keep a track of the news. On the whole, every day nearly 3.5 billion searches are conducted on Google and since so many people use it, one has to do research to sell products and services.
  2. Practice is essential: One must practice to keep updated about latest happening on Google and to improve upon one’s SEO techniques.
  3. Try for more visibility: Once one’s website starts ranking first on Google page then one will get more visibility which would mean more traffic and more conversions leading to more revenue.
  4. The effort for page one on Google: It is important to try for page one ranking on Google to get positive results. The optimization of the content must be highly professionalized to make it to the front page. It is to tap as many viewers as possible to get the clients’ appreciation. It means sincere and dedicated hard work for the SEO.
  5. Auditing of one’s work: It is important to evaluate one’s work to improve upon it. One must observe the results whether they meet up to the expectation. If not then it is advisable to read more books, or other SEO experts or do research to find better ways of optimization.
  6. Keyword stuffing is important: It is important to put in appropriate keywords as they play a major role in placing the post on Google page one. One has to do research for appropriate keywords and also place them appropriately.
  7. Creation of SEO optimized landing pages: This can improve one’s lead generation and sales. One must create more landing pages in order to have more openings for incoming traffic. Whatever said and done finally what matters is traffic. The more readers an SEO can attract, the better his or her professionalism is considered.


These are few of the advanced SEO techniques that will enable an SEO to perform well. SEOs are an integral part of website business and are the backbone of it. The SEO has a major responsibility to ensure that the client is happy with his or her promotional work. The client is always eager that his or her product must be promoted well and must fetch good revenue.

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