Best Adsense addition WordPress Plugin To Monetize Your blog

Best Adsense addition WordPress Plugin To Monetize Your blog

Google adsense is most popular way to earn money online via your website or blog. If you have blog with decent traffic then Google Adsense is for you to make the money by placing ads on your website. There are various factors affecting your earning through the ads, important factors are your blog or websites niche, traffic, and where you place your ads in the website. You need to be smart and intelligent in utilizing the space of your webpage.

Here are mentioned some good Google Adsense plugins, to add the Google ads. All plugins have their own capabilities and features to incorporate ads on your website. Let us have a look on these awesome adsense plugins:

Best Adsense addition WordPress Plugin To Monetize Your blogQuick Adsense:

This plugin is good for those who want to include Adsense or any other Ads codes anywhere into the blog post. This plugin is really very simple and gives you an option to combine and display the maximum of 10 ads on the page. This plugin works well with the WordPress version 2.5 or higher.

Easy AdSense:

This plugin offers you the various options to control ads in your page. It allows you to place ads code in header and footer also. Some of the exciting features of this plugin are as follows:

Easy AdSense strictly enforces the Google adsense policy of not more than three adsense blog per page.

Provides sidebar widget for placing link unit, search with the customizable text or image title and Adsense for the content with custom title.

It is multiple language support

Google AdSense Plugin:

Best Adsense addition WordPress Plugin To Monetize Your blogThis plugins allows to display ads and set the various parameters for ads such as format of ads (text, ad, image ad, text with image etc), size, color of the ad block, rounded or sharp corner and position of ad block in the web page. This plugin also adds more options to display the ads in widget. It can also insert the Google ads to your website automatically. You can choose how many ads to be displayed in the web page.

WordPress Simple Adsense Insertion:

You can use this plugin to quickly and easily insert the Google Adsense into your posts, pages and sidebar. This plugin is developed for the people who are new for WordPress. This plugin focuses on an important factors only which basic website owner will need. It does not irritate you with the lots of customizable options, if you really want to quick adsense integration then use this plugin. This plugin is straight forward and easy to use, you can simple insert the ad units by inserting simple trigger text to posts, pages and sidebar. You can use this plugin by inserting either shortcode or calling the php function.

Adsense Extreme:Best Adsense addition WordPress Plugin To Monetize Your blog

This plugin automatically inserts and optimizes the Google Adsense ads in your website in order to increase your ad revenue. It allows you to place the ad units in post, pages, sidebar, header and footer. It severely follows the Google Adsense policy to help from not getting banned from Adsense program. From admin panel you can set ad size, color, layout and other parameters. This wonderful plugin supports ad insertion in widgets and it supports multiple languages.


These were some good adsense plugins to monetize your blog by advertising. These plugin will help to make revenue from ads but its your smartness and creativity to generate more revenue. You have to experiment and test how you can make the maximum revenue from ads by changing ads position and analyzing if it works or not.We recommend placing ads on header of page and one ad in between content of your page. Keep changing positions of ads in your website and also try to experiment with ad size, color layout etc.Good adsense plugins to monetize your blog by advertising are explained here.

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