Know More about Google Analytics Solutions-New Product Innovations?

Google Analytics  Solutions  lays  focus upon the workings of the market better. One  can also understand and appreciate audience insights, turning into actions and delivering more of customer experiences. It is a question of powering ads as well as analytics innovations with the help of machine learning.

What is the purpose of Google Analytics machine learning processes?

  • This form of technology is very hi-fi  and  has helped several marketers to analyze countless number of signals in real time and reach out to consumers with purposeful advertisements at the appropriate time.
  • It is also a key to measure the journeys of the consumers that span multiple devices along with   channels all across the digital as well as physical worlds.
  • It is a growing trend for all marketers today and will shape the coming future.
  • Will enable the understanding  of  how the market works and provides insight in making them work better.

What do we understand by Google Attribution?

  • It   permits every marketer to be able to measure the various impacts of their marketing processes in order to measure the impact of their marketing devices all across the channel within the sphere of one place and without any additional cost.
  • Business interactions have become very complex and one has  to undergo interactions on videos, search social media or apps and so forth. These require multiple devices thus making it harder to measure.
  • Marketers have tried to make attribution work for at least six years, but the existing solutions do not work out towards this end.

Drawback of Attribution Tools:

• They are difficult to set up.
• Not integrated with ad tools making action difficult.
• Losing track of the customer journey when people move around between devices.

Different aspects of Google attribution are:

• Analyze Performance.
• Take Action
• Unified Data

Google Analytics with reference to AdWords and Doubleclick Search have been able to provide a combined effort of making marketing easy and convenient. Data oriented attribution has enabled the usage of machine learning in order to determine how much credit is required to be assigned at each  of the step in the consumer journey processes. One can also undertake  fast action in order to optimize one’s ads with the Google Attribution as it integrates with several ad tools such as AdWords and DoubleClick Search. The results that are available are for reporting and updating bids and for moving budgets between channels.

What is new about Google Analytics Solutions?

Most people are using their smartphones for research purposes making use of Google Maps and Google .com. Marketers are making use of several types of innovations such as  Promoted Places as well as local inventory ads and to showcase special forms of offers and keep a track of whatever is in stock in  nearby stores.

What has Google to offer?

Google has advanced machine learning cum mapping technology in order to measure accurately the store visits at a scale and make them useful in delivering better local advertisement experiences.

One has to have greater insight into  how  the online advertisement works and enhances business. Focus is on store sales management. One is in position to evaluate in-store revenues along with store visits by one’s search and shopping ads


Google analytics along with its new product innovation has been made use of better marketing and also to enhance business and study business and marketing trends.

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