Samsung gives away free Galaxy Note 8 to fliers

Samsung is gifting out a free Galaxy Note 8, costing about Rs 67,900 in India to those traveling on flights. Earlier, it had done so in Spain, handing out free Note 8 to all of the 200 passengers on the plane. This is Samsung’s present effort to promote its product. Some time back the company had in partnership with the Iberia airlines in Spain had similarly done so and the travelers were surprised to get the gift. It provided them great pleasure in receiving the product. They had an ear-to-ear grin as Samsung gave its latest and greatest phone to them for free.

Why is Samsung promoting its product in this manner?

  • To build up trust.
  • To popularize its product more.
  • Earlier Galaxy Note 7 was unsafe to carry while traveling, but Note 8 is safe.
  • Why has Samsung decided to promote Note 8?
  • The Galaxy Note 7 had a fire-prone battery and was considered to be hazardous to air travel.
  • Airlines all across the world had banned the Note 7 but now Note 8 is safe enough to carry while traveling by air.

What does Samsung say about Note 8?

The message Samsung puts across while promoting Note 8 is, “A year ago we asked you to turn it off, we welcome you today on board.” So, one can expect that on a given flight travelers may get a free Samsung Note 8 which will provide much pleasure.

The Note 8 has indeed been launched a few months ago. Samsung has taken extra care for its battery in a particular phone and is safe for daily use. Samsung has done so in order to show that it is safe to use its Note 8.

The company decided to withdraw Note 7 and promote Note 8 to establish that its products are indeed safe to use.

What is there to know about Galaxy Note 8?

  • The battery is of a better order.
  • A lot of research has been done by Samsung in preparation of Note 8.
  • Apart from standard tests, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ batteries have also gone through 8 other tests in order to meet the
  • highest level (ever) of safety standards. The Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ has so far worked well so far.
  • What is the design and build quality of Note 8?
  • Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ ‘ USP Infinity screen.
  • Edge-to-edge bezel-less display screen.
  • It is smart as well as sophisticated.
  • Very practical.
  • Samsung’s new Note, much like the last note, is also carved out of glass — Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 — and metal.
  • The metallic centerpiece that enjoins the front, as well as the back, is, however, virtually non-existent as far as the new
  • A note is concerned.
  • It is polished.
  • The front part of Galaxy Note 8, is clean and is without any physical buttons.

So one can say that Samsung has put in its best to ensure a safe product by introducing Note 8 and also promoting it on flights.

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