8 Signs You are Addicted To Whatsapp

8 Signs You are Addicted To Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the latest addiction and we must say it is flourishing among the younger generation. Whatsapp is available on every mobile phone and life without it seems unfinished.

Since this app keeps you updated with the rest of the world, it is highly not possible for one to stay without it. The whatsapp addiction has become common around the world and the signs for the addiction is truly very funny wherein which people have the better relationship with their phone than with the ones they love.

Here are some of the signs you are addicted to whatsapp. If you have a look at these symptoms at an earlier stage you can put an end to this issue immediately. So, what are you waiting for ? Here are signs to show you can’t live without green icon:

Whatsapp Alerts

One of the clear signs that addicted to whatsapp is when you continually check the phone as soon as you get an alert.

Round The Clock Madness

When whatsapp is first thing you look at in the morning and last thing at night. Are not you addicted?

Status Updates

There are some of the people who change their status on the go. So, if you are one of those who update the status message every day without fail, its time you do something about the addiction.

Bare Profile

I am pretty sure that you are one of those people who check profile picture and status of all the 100 odd people on the contact list. Do not you get gravely annoyed when people do not have a profile picture or a ‘last seen’?

The New Look

Remember the time when whatsapp released their read double blue ticks. Were not you excited? Things like these get people addicted to social media app.

Add To Contact

The moment you find out someone who is not using the Whatsapp, you react like a car hit you. This is a major sign of addiction because you still find it hard to believe that one can live without the app.


If there is one thing in life that can annoy you, that is waiting…for replies. Have not you been through this long wait?

The Friend Circle

You are surely a whatsapp addict if you pick up combats or arguments with friends for the reason that in spite of being online on WhatsApp, they did not respond to the message or didnot chime you.

Signs you are addicted to whatsapp

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