A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is indeed a complicated subject and although peripherally it appears simple, but a deeper insight reveals it is tough to understand. Even if one worked on a daily basis, it is still difficult to comprehend and describe it.

Usefulness of marketing automation:

  • It is useful in sales.
  • Efficiently useful while making marketing teams to operate making use of it. They are able to reach their respective goals.

What  is  marketing automation all about ?

It uses software in order to deliver personalized messages to customers and various leads. This software enables for the creation of dynamic series of messages in order to send them to one’s contacts. The message received depends upon the factors that have been specified such as spending habits, buying processes and the past interactions with one’s respective site.

A Beginner's Guide to Marketing AutomationAdvantages of marketing automation:

  • Dynamic messages are created.
  • Messages can be sent to one’ contacts.
  • Catering on to the needs of the contacts creates better relationship, and this helps in better revenue and conversions.
  • Streamlined marketing automation helps in effective results.
  • It encourages to the conversion rates and revenues improve.
  • It encourages customers to stay on engaged longer and it is possible they will stay around longer thus making it easier  to convert.
  • On the whole companies that are making use of marketing automation in the initial place have nearly 53% higher conversion rates as well as an annual revenue based growth of 3.1% higher compared to companies that do not.
  • It can speed up the longer conversion oriented cycles, by reducing their conversion time by 72%.
  • Marketing automation has the advantage of having several different applications, email messaging and lead generation nurturing are the commonest.
  • It is a useful marketing tool.
  • It can be used with email such as welcome messages, product retargeting, abandoned cart reminders, personalized cart based reminders and so forth.
  • Personalized emails generate more revenue than the non-personalized one and here marketing automation helps in nurturing the leads.
  • Many of the companies make use marketing automation to get require feedback from their contacts. This acquired information enables them to improve upon their required revenue. In fact, the information guides them to secure more revenues in the long run.
  • Nurtured leads allow larger purchases as compared to non-nurtured leads.
  • Commonly used to manage various social media based platforms.

Know more about B2B automation:

Much of business potential would depend upon the company making use of B2B or B2C model that has an impact on the type of messages that are being used. Both models are useful in improving the revenues and performance levels; the only difference lies in the method that is used to achieve this goal. For instance, B2B sales require a longer  conversion oriented cycle as compared to B2C sales and often involve products or services that are in need of long –term commitment.

Several different aspects of business development and marketing come into operations in business set-up and marketing automation is useful in improving its revenue potentiality and performance levels.

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