iOS 11 has arrived -update your iPhone or iPad

One can now update one’s current iOS device 11 by understanding and downloading as well as installing one’s Apple’ s latest mobile operating system.

One need not latch onto an iPhone 8 ($699.00 at Apple) or perhaps iPhone 8 Plus ($799.00 at Apple) or rather wait for the iPhone X ($999.99 at Apple) to arrive in the month of November in order to avail the latest iOS. On Tuesday, Apple has released its iOS 11, the company’s latest or rather newest mobile operating system for the iOS devices. If one has an iPhone 5s or later on a fifth-generation iPad or an iPad Mini 2 ($235.93 at Amazon Marketplace) or perhaps later a sixth-generation based iPod Touch, one can upgrade it to the iOS 11. Here’s the full list of compatible devices from Apple:

What is unique about iOS?

With the help of an Apple iOS 11 one will be able to edit Live Photos as well as be able to customize the newer Control Center, and also prepare Venmo-style Apple Pay payments, more easily in order to have free up storage space. One must be sure to prepare one’s device for iOS11. And also create more space to be able to download the update. One requires about 2GB of space.

Apple iOS 11 has arrived

Over-the-air update method in iOS 11 :

If one were on a Wi-Fi network, one can upgrade to the Apple iOS 11 right from one’s device itself. There is no requirement for a computer or iTunes. One has to simply connect one’s device to the charger and go onto to Settings > General > Software Update. iOS 11 will then automatically checkout for an update and then prompt one to download and later to install iOS 11.

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Via iTunes in iOS 11: Method 2

If one is near one’s computer with iTunes, it might, of course, be faster in order to update this way. In the previous years, one finds it faster to update via iTunes than perhaps over the air.

Apple ios 11

The first order of business is to be able to update iTunes to the version of 12.7. On the MacBook, one does not see the usual Check for Updates based line in the existing iTunes drop-down menu. It is better to be able to open the Mac App Store where one finds an iTunes update waiting to be installed.

With iTunes updated, one can connect one’s Apple iOS 11 device. Simply click on the iPhone or iPad icon which is located in the top-left corner of the iTunes which is next to the drop-down menu of the several sections of one’s iTunes library. Then proceed on to click on Check for Update > Download and Update. Follow these prompts while accepting the terms and allow the iTunes do its job.


iPhone iOS 11 is a wonderful device to get hold of to activate one’s iPad or iPhone. A market is flooded with several devices, but iPhone Apple iOS 11 is a gadget whereby quality and efficiency have not been compromised at all.

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