Know more about Google Algorithm Change History 2017

Google on the whole  makes  changes  in its algorithm rhythm almost 500 to 600  times  every year. Although most of these changes are minor, at times Google carries out major algorithmic updates that influence search results in significant ways.

Initially, to start with, it was understood that Google was targeting spam links and private blog networks (PBNs) or merely adjustments of backlinks; but, later it was observed that they were updates like the one on February 1st, 2017.

How are these algorithmic changes useful?

For marketers it is important to know these up dates which can help in identifying the changes  in organic website based traffic and various rankings on the Google. It improves the optimization procedure of the Google search and the marketers  can enhance their business by studying the trends on Google.

Incidentally, algorithmic changes do influence the search processes on the Google. The updates have major impact on the SEO community.

Here are few interesting Google updates 2017:

January 10, 2017 refers to “ Intrusive Interstitial Penalty” that Google rolled out in order to punish aggressively  oriented interstitials as well as pop-ups that might in fact damage the experience of mobile users.

On February 1 , 2017 another major update was undertaken which was unnamed. This update began around February 1st and then peaked on to February 6th, 2017. No doubt, it was not clear whether it was a multiple algorithm updates or only a single update which has an extended based roll-out. On the other hand, based upon anecdotal evidence two more updates were suggested.

Another major update which is unnamed was on February 6th, 2017 and continued to persist for about a full week, hiking around February 6th with few of them being reported on February 7th. This update was from very significant core  based ranking update. It was a massive update.

The February 7th, 2107 update was considered to be a major update. Large number of sites were observed.

“Fred” was used, although  unconfirmed, March 8th,2017. This was a major roll out by Google which had tremendous impact upon the SEO market Gary Illyes was “jokingly” referred to as “Fred” and name thus stuck and this had not been confirmed officially. In fact, this “Fred” update shook the SEO world and the question that arises is whether the low-value content sites focus on the revenue and not the users? This update was on March 8th, 2017.

Off late there have been “core ranking updates” which have been  targeting  issues such as low quality content, user experiences based barriers, thin content and ad deception. And so forth.

Google is constantly making updates and tweaks to its core based algorithms and addresses all its ranking algorithm.


One has to work hard to improve one’s site and get rid of the problems. Quality  has to be improved upon and overall quality improvement needs to be focused upon. Naturally, it is quite evident that Google in 2017 has made several attempts in coming up with several updates.


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