Why Instagram Stories is popular among teens?

Instagram Stories are now one year old and have gained tremendous popularity among teenagers. Now, there  are  250 million and plus daily viewers.

What do Instgram Stories entail?

They have certain distinct trends which have popularized the app among the younger lot. This is quite evident  by the fact that the users who are mostly below 25 years of age spend almost 32 minutes a day on this app on the average. On the other hand, those above 25 years of age are spending about 24 minutes per day or more on this particular app. In other words teenagers have taken to this app in a big way. And this naturally dent’s into the audience chart of Snapchat, which all along has been seen as a popular app among teens. This is especially so among those living in US as well other developing countries.

How do teenagers relate to Instagram?

They are the strongest consumers as well as producers of stories and they nearly consume about additional 4X stories per day as compared to non-teens. This trend is also evident in far off countries such as Japan, Spain as well as the US.
Businesses have also adopted Instagram Stories which have also taken to this form of platform. Going by Instagram statistics nearly 50% of businesses on this platform have been able to come up with story on it last month and these stories are getting engaged from various users. According to Instagram, one among five of the various organic stories from several businesses are able to get hold of direct messages from the users.

What has Instagram be up to these days?

  • It has launched its newer form of  birthday sticker package for its Stories. It has been able to reveal most of the popular hashtags as a well as tools on the Stories as well.
  • Filters such Puppy ears, Sleep masks, love with a heart shaped dart, Bunny ears as well as Kaola ears.
  • Instagram has seen over 1.3 billion Boomerangs that were launched by November 2016.
  • Stats that are revealed by Instagram do indicate @ mentions ( this linked to an account on the Instagram) that account for about half of the tags inside the Stories and are of course more  prone to be tapped rather than location tags or hashtags.

More about Instagram- Why it gained popularity among teenagers?

It has turned out to  be  a strong contender to Snapchat post by Introducing Stories that are very popular with teenagers. For Facebook, Instagram has become a very popular app, with a lot of the sharing having shifted. Indeed Stories  are making  a big jump.

Initially, to start with in 2016 Instagram (extended by Facebook) did accept that it was a carbon copy of Snapchat, both  in terms of functionality as well as design. It did not even make the effort to find another synonym for  the word “Stories” a term popularized by Snapchat. The latter did not take action and felt that the copying of Facebook would affect its business. This was in the beginning of February of 2017. Snap Inc had filed its IPO and acknowledged that Facebook approach would affect its performance.

What has been the impact of  Instagram on teenagers?

Instagram has a very large  captive audience who are very keen to make use of  it  thus trying to superceed Snapchat. The competition between Instagram and Snapchat has been stiff and youngsters have indeed taken to Instagram in a big way.  There have been differences among them no doubt some feeling that the switchover has not really been essential Nevertheless, Instagram Stories have made their foray into the daily lives of the teenagers. It has successfully attracted the younger audience.

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