Government bans phones with ‘fake’ or ‘duplicate’ IMEI numbers

Government bans phones with ‘fake’ or ‘duplicate’ IMEI numbers

Government bans phones with ‘fake’ or ‘duplicate’ IMEI numbers

Govt has been banned imports of sort of cell phone gadgets together with phone and identical kind individual devices, that will aid safety businesses within monitoring callers making use of distinct SIM cards.

CDMA & GSM Mobile handsets with fake MEID & IMEI are listed in banning imports of foreign trades which was declared in a notification.

GSM technology is used to identify a device on a cell phone network which has an

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number in 15-17 digit number unique which use the global system for mobile communications that to mobile phones.

In tracking mobile phones IMEI number helps. To check proliferation of mobile handsets with duplicate or cloned IMEI numbers are aimed for national security which are dangerous, While there is already an order in place which bans import of mobile phones with fake, without or with ’00.. 00′ IMEI numbers, new orders and duplicate handsets are as well banned.

Without the unique security code Mobile phones are creating inroads into the gray market by cloning the genuine sets of IMEI numbers. Duplicates phones are additionally included in issues associated with customers, organizations together with safety organizations.

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