How to Become a Legendary SEO Expert

How to Become a Legendary SEO Expert

There are lot of SEO practices that you would have heard. But there are only few of them which are really effectual and would give better results than expected.

With increase in competition you can find there are many bloggers using the black hat activities to get higher page rank and traffic but these techniques can lead you to get your website banned by Google.

Here mentioned some of  great techniques that are easy to implement and can get you huge traffic and appropriate clicks to your blog or website.

How to Become a Legendary SEO Expertseo

There are very few companies who are getting you an exact result that you expect with your website / blog.

Though the task of a SEO is not difficult you can also implement the various techniques by yourself.

Here are  list of best SEO strategies that will surely help you to become a SEO expert.

Prefer Practicing over learning:

How to Become a Legendary SEO ExpertYou can get a lot of books and tutorials guiding you the ways of SEO but I suggest you to learn SEO by doing.

And it depends on how you implement those ideas that you have been read in books. So always try to work practically and see good results, analyze that result and think how you can get better result.

We recommend you to not implement or practice a SEO only on client sites but also create your own webite, build links, rank the keywords higher, attract the huge traffic and try to implement all new strategies that comes on your mind.

You need to be up to date with trends so frequently update your knowledge because the search world constantly changes and it is almost impossible to stay up to date by just reading news and books.

 Build Larger Network:

As the SEO expert you should have a strong relationship over the Internet with other bloggers.

You should be good at websites like StumbleUpon, Zing, Digg, Delicious and many others.

It really helps to get top quality link and the great success ratio. By building relationships with other users in these websites you can know ins and outs of sites and how to use the website for better results.

I recommend you personally to never stop the networking even if you are working on the on-page SEO or link building.

Many times we get link to most popular blogs just not because my blog is good but its also because I have the  good relationship with them

How to Become a Legendary SEO ExpertTake Risks:

Taking risks does not mean that you should take risks of breaking the Google’s policies or doing anything immoral.

Taking risks simply means that you need to be an violent. If you are violent with your website than you will learn in very short time what enhances rankings and what does not.

You need to learn to push  an envelope. There are many things that you can learn with your creativity and aggressiveness.

You already know that the building link by white hat techniques can improve the search ranking but did you know that  if you build links at  slow and steady pace you can out rank someone who builds the same type of links too fast?

If  we were not violent with my link building strategy, we would have never learned that.

Effective SEOs Analyze the results better:

Effective SEOs are logical. Analysis means you should go deeply through the results and see if it get better your revenue or not.

Spending your efforts to rank keywords higher that would not increase your revenue is of worth. Everyone knows how to rank keywords?

But do they really know what the keywords to rank? Keywords analysis is very important and being analytical will be the plus point as an effective SEO expert.

You must be good from the researching keywords, to tracking ranks, optimizing the landing pages, building links etc.

Good SEO is not all about only getting traffic it is all about increasing the proceeds. Does not focus your 100% on link building and getting the higher page rank.

Learn web analytics and focus on increasing revenues and analyze results practically. It would help you to take great decisions.

How to Become a Legendary SEO Expert Does not rely on Single method:

Always use multiple methods for SEO even if you are getting the good results using just a single tactic.

There are various ways to do things implement most of them. Relying on a single tactic will give you results for a fixed time after that you’ll see negative results from the same technique that used to be your power trick.

If you use a single tactic then after some time you’ll be get caught up by search engines and your technique won’t work after then.

When we first started reciprocal linking,we got my rankings on the top after some time when I got caught by search engines my rankings started to fall.

After that we used another method and that too worked for some time then we came to know that wemust use multiples methods at a time to rank well and maintain it.

we want to tell you that even you are ranking the higher you cannot rely on the single method.

Creativity is biggest tool of SEO:

As Search engine optimization is not the new. Everyone is familiar with this and does this. There is not that much secret left.

But peoples who are really excavate it through their creativity always get other ways of SEO.

Creative people become the best SEO experts because they think out of box and their work reflects the same.

Use the different approach and analyze results deeply, you would get to know many other new things.

You would find the number of people succeeded in SEO because of their creativity. If you use different approach to do things, influence it. It gives you the head start.

Never Depend on Common SEO strategies:

Yes you read it right, Its good if you use simple SEO strategies but never rely on those strategies.

Effective SEO Experts never rely on the SEO. You need to be up to date with the panda update.

For example the Panda update hit some sites even though they had the good content.

A lot of these sites got out of panda so what could be reason of this? They were just using SEO.

If you want to rank higher use an advertisement methods such as banner ads, animated ads etc.

It would bring you good traffic and is best way to expand your approach to get traffic and increase the revenue.

I hope this post helped you in the some way. Please share how you liked it and tell us if you know any other practices that should be done to become a good SEO expert.







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