Top 11 Website Analytics Tools That Examine Site Performance

Top 11 Website Analytics Tools That Examine Site Performance

Many times it happens that you are not able to get where your website is lagging. One need to track your website capability to know the perceptive information about the performance of your website. To know weak points of your website, what can be metrics you need to focus on, to overcome those negative points?

You need to review and analyze the website on an on-going basis, to compare the past results of website with the current, so that you can judge where your website is making the difference and you can invent possibilities to improve it.

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Here we have mentioned some of website analytics tool that tells you, your website metrics related to traffic sources, page views, visit session, bounce rate, active time, repeat visitors and many more.

One thing we want to notify you is that, some tools are absolutely free to use while some some have both free and paid versions. Paid versions have more facility but for real time user experience you can use free versions.


Top 11 Website Analytics Tools That Examine Site PerformanceIt is one of an effectual real-time audience tracking tool for your website. It is among the top 5 service that gives an information on audience website visit frequency, traffic by app version, top countries and top devices for the given app. It gives demographic data on the basis of gender, age, household, income, ethinicity.


It is site traveller and backlink checker service. It generates the SEO Reports, data showing domain comparison for different websites, reffering the domain metrics, subnet data, dofollow or nofollow backlinks, outbound or inbound links, new or lost inbound link, analyze the phrases and terms most common in anchor text, titles of each page with it is stats etc.

Small Seo Tool

This is among most unbelievable toolkit we feel when we used it. It is very simple and provided with the various sub tools to check the performance of various attributes.

It includes sub tools such as:

Backlink checker.
Google Page Rank Checker.
Link Tracker.
Backlink Maker.
Keyword position.
Reverse IP domain check.
Plagiarism checker.
Search Engine Pingler.
Price: Free of cost


Top 11 Website Analytics Tools That Examine Site PerformanceAWStats, is powerful web analyzer tool that actually analyzes the web or mail or FTP log file of your website hosted on the server. It gives a information about the search engine keywords to find your website, amount of visit duration, last visit, rush hour in particular days or week, GeoIP detection, operating system &web browser used by terminal where your website is search and many more.


It would help you to expose high performing keywords for your website. A blog from the Wordracker Finding the Profitable Keyword Just Got Easier says finding the keyword with high volume and low competition would be very profitable for the marketers as it would help to keep your website among the top page of search result.

It helps to remove out profitable keywords with the help of IAAT and KEI metrics.

IAAT stands for In Anchor And Title and KEI stands for Keyword Effectiveness Index.

IAAT shows an exact number of web pages containing the keyword within the both their page title tag and the anchor text tag of at least one incoming link. This keyword metric would show you most competitive keyword you need to beat to uplift the website.

KEI keyword metrics is more helpful to increase the return on an investment. As keyword showing the high search volume would have high KEI than keyword showing low search volume data. This shows that prior keyword is more popular competitive for your business.


Semrush is most effective SEO website analytical tool. It would help you to find the most beneficial keyword for your blog or website in order to get the good rank on Search engine result page (SERP) result & to drive the more traffic to your site with the help of keyword reports.

It is the best tool for SEO analysts and marketers to know the insights for the website related to organic traffic competitors, related keywords, potential traffic buyers, ad text or keywords or history and many more.

It uses SERP data based on the 90000+ keywords and 45 million domains to get back the information of your website. If your website obtained a specific rank among the top 20 pages of google search result, than only SEMRush would show its analytical data.


Top 11 Website Analytics Tools That Examine Site PerformanceWooRank is also one of the most popular website SEO tools. It helps to optimize your website by analyzing the website data. One can know the website insights related to Traffic Rank, Social traffic on your site, websites’ performance on the mobile, availibility of URL redirects with or without the WWW, XML site map, in-page Seo link, keyword cloud and uniformity, form performance, number of indexed pages.

Pingdom ftp

It helps to examine all the parts of web pages especially their load time, trace the performance of your website from multiple locations, analyzing the load time of your pages etc. For the real time user experience without any charges you can use this website but if you want to get the regular email alerts notifying you about your website performance you can check on following link.


It Gives detailed data about the site visitors visit length, entry or exit session, metrics on number of visitors per day or week, referral ranking data, referral visitors, recent visitors by map, location, entry, exit pages and many more metrics.

Stats counter

It is an another important website analysis tool to drive you on the real analysis track for your website. Know the popular pages, incoming traffic, keyword analysis, recent keyword activity, paid traffic, search engine wars, exit links. Here we will get weekly or monthly performance reports as agreed by you on your email.

Top 11 Website Analytics Tools That Examine Site PerformanceMajestic SEO tool

Majestic Seo maintain itself to be the largest link intelligence database on the planet. Infact Wordtracker also communicates the Majestic SEO is used to show its influential keyword tracking result. It shows the result related to an anchor text, referral domains, new or lost backlinks, external backlinks, popular pages.


The above tools are very easy to use. They give surplus data to monitor your website. One can analyze them thoroughly, and can make the smart decisions to optimize your website.

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