Eight Tips to Recover and Protect your website from Google Panda Effect.

Now everyone  is asking about Google Panda. What is this Google Panda. Google Panda is an algorithm which recently released by Google. Google Panda is a very intelligent algorithm which is created to provide quality content to use from the websites. So they are punishing the website with low quality and duplicate content.

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So here are some tips to recover from Google Panda Effect.

Check Quality, Quantity and Duplicate Posts

First make a list of all your posts and then check all posts for spelling mistakes and contact quality and quantity and if require rewrite your post without spelling mistakes.

 Internal linking

 Like external links or backlinks, it is important for any website or blog to have internal links also. So try to make internal links to your new posts with old post based on keywords

 Google Services

 Like every one give more preference to their things first. The same google also gives more preference to website which using their products and services like Google Plus, YouTube, Adwords etc.

 Getting Page Rank (PR)

 If you are planning for getting high PR then it’s better to submit your website in high PR sites for backlinks and do guest postings on other sites. You can also submit your website in Web 2.0 sites and posting a comment in high page rank sites with which allow do follow

 Reducing ads on the website

 Everyone wants to make a money from their blogs or websites, but it’s not a good idea to place so many ads in the websites or blogs because It will create inconvenience for the site visitors and also more to google bots. So try to reduce the ad placement on the website

 Content is King

This is always standing in the first line for SEO. Your site content is your king. Copy and pasting a Duplicate content can totally damage your site and its ranking from Google. So please try to avoid making duplicate content. If you find any duplicate content from your website and you don’t want to delete it then hide it for  robots and make visible to real users.

Use: nofollow and noindex tag in your metatag.

 Regular Update

 To get more visitors to your website you need to make your website up-to-date, so try to update your site regularly that will attract more users and who may convert into regular visitors of your website or blog. Add more and more things to attract new and old visitors.


 Last but not the least. Posting good and impressive content on the website is not only the task but also getting traffic to your website is another task, so try to submit your website on Social Bookmarking website and Share your Post in Social Networking Websites. Try to Use SEO Optimization Menthods.

The above are some methods to Avoid Google Panda effect on your site.

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  1. Panda update have negative impact on low quality websites. We should worry too much about it if we are offering well researched content on our websites and blogs. Lots of article directories got negative effect due to this update from Google. To come up with Google algo, Ezinearticles team increased the minimum work count to 400. So it’s for sure that websites with content less than 200 type will not perform much on Google, but websites with long content even if its not of high quality will still work on Google

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