“SEO Is Always Changing”… Or Is It?: Debunking the Myth and Getting Back to Basics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is indeed considered to be a challenging task and many SEOs complain that they find it difficult to stay on the top. Even business set ups feel the same way. It keeps changing all the time according to the latter and many get “ overwhelmed” by it.  They get intimidated by it or remain uninformed about SEO activities. SEO professionals spend a lot of time debating about it and trying to incorporate new changes into its operations. They spend a lot time testing it. Even smaller business establishment have to spend hours adapting to the newer forms of SEO techniques that keep emerging in the business market. No doubt, certain SEO guidelines remain the same and do not change with time and even a non-specialist can understand well.

What queries arise in SEO business?

  • Will the search engine be able to find one’s content?(Crawlability)
  • What does one’s content consist of?
  • How does the search engine organize and with regard to the prioritize the content?(Keywords)
  • How does the respective search engine know that one’s content is trustworthy information with regard to the topic?(Backlinks).

In case one’s website is able to answer these queries for Google then one has definitely covered the basics of SEO. These are basics that need to be tackled and if one is on a tight budget then all the more reason to do so. These are “baseline concepts” to remember while carrying out SEO work.

Let us understand the different aspects of SEO activities:


It is important to be able to access the content then read it. It is, no

doubt, a technical task. It is a question of having a proper site structure and  one has to adhere to code areas. It may be required to adapt to a particular code and make use of SEO plugin in case the site is on WordPress.

One may have the best content, but it is of no use if the search engine is unable to pick it up. In order to ensure that the SEO foundation is solid, then one must focus upon the crawlability of one’s site.

"SEO Is Always Changing"... Or Is It?: Debunking the Myth and Getting Back to BasicsContent:

This is very important  as  the  viability of a website depends upon the genuineness and worthiness of its content. The better the content, the better the website is considered to be. Often small business setups do not focus upon the content, but for successful SEO results, it is important to focus upon the content.


These are important and have to be placed in the respective content from the SEO angle. The SEO can optimize the content if the keywords are placed in proper place. This permits in better ranking.


These are equally important and in fact often business setups try to manipulate backlinks to enhance their revenue. The SEO identifies the backlinks and “plays upon them” to improve the search.

Off late digital marketing has picked up and SEO’s role has become very important in the running of a business establishment. Even smaller set-ups are spending more and having a well-equipped SEO office to maximize their website business and improve upon their marketing potentiality.

Google ranking will depend upon the expert work of the SEO and, therefore, there is no misconception that SEO activity is important.

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