Google Maps help decongest city roads

Google Maps help decongest city roads

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In a major relief for commuters, Google Maps will now feature real-time traffic information about Ludhiana, giving drivers opportunity to avoid places with the heavy traffic.

A statement issued by the Google said that its maps feature will now comprise traffic information about twelve Indian cities, including Ludhiana, and all national highways & expressways in the country.

With the update, the company said, it is targetting to provide the wide-ranging, every day traffic tool to Indians, and hoped that new real-time traffic information would help drivers find the best routes to their destinations with fewest delays.

Responding to the addition of city traffic information on the Google Maps, traffic police officials said it will help in the traffic management. Since commuters themselves can see traffic situation in the city, they would be able to plan which road they should avoid. This would help in clearing the traffic jams in less time, as less vehicles will take the crowded road, said Ludhiana assistant commissioner of police Naveen Singla.

Apart from the Ludhiana, Google Maps would now show traffic information for Kolkata, Indore, Visakhapatnam, Nagpur, Kochi, Coimbatore, Lucknow, Surat, Thiruvananthapuram, Madurai and Bhopal.s

Commuters too are happy with news. A SBS Nagar-based businessman, Paramjeet Singh, called it a blessing for Ludhiana residents. It would help them in many ways. If we see the red mark on a exacting road we mean to travel, they can use an alternative route.

Ludhianvis who travel often to Delhi and other cities on too are happy with the addition of traffic information on highways around Ludhiana. Ankush Jain said that although we have not used the latest feature thus far, we will take its services as we have to often travel to Delhi. This new feature would help us decrease delays caused by the traffic jams, a city-based businessman. He further added that they can take an alternate route in case of traffic chaos on highway and save our time.

Where to download?

  • For using the feature on the computer, visit
  • The downloadable Android version is obtainable on Google Play Store

Google Maps help decongest city roadsHow it works?

Once downloaded, select the traffic alternative in the menu

Select the destination & place of disappearance. If the road on route is red, look for an substitute route. This applies to highways and expressways also

The real-time traffic version uses the colour-coding to show traffic congestion. If the road is marked red, there is heavy traffic. For moderate traffic, the colour is orange; and for light traffic, it is green.

In navigation mode, Google Maps will also use real-time traffic information to more accurately estimate time of arrival and to provide options for alternate routes if there are faster ones available.

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