Best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers of 2017

Innovative designing is a much challenging affair and it involves a lot of creativity. It requires original ideas. At the same time, the quality of the designs does not necessarily guarantee success. Other factors  are also involved in the growth of business.Advertising in a capitalist society is the primary  mode of promoting business as well as content promotion.It is a competitive world and one competes  with regard to the variants of creativity.Initially, radio and television broadcasts served advertising and business promotional aspects, but now the internet has to take on this responsibility. WordPress Themes do the job well and graphic designers make use of it well.These Themes are useful kits and several plugins have to be used and also customers have to be prepared for any use.

Best Word Press Themes for Graphic  Designers of 2017:


It is tech savvy, highly technological, well-conceived, modern and very responsive WordPress theme. It is visually stunning and from the function angle it is flawless.

  • It individually animates.
  • It is colorful.
  • It consists of multiple blogs
  • It is very useful in deploying a multiple codes of short-codes in rather creative ways.
  • It consists of “build-in social sharing.


  • It is a responsive and stylish WordPress theme.
  • A responsive creative oriented portfoilio based website theme.
  • Useful construction modern and unique website.
  • Perfect for all kinds of applications.
  • It is flexible.
  • Coding skills are not required to make much use of Adios.
  • Adios is very competitive.
  • Need to be very expensive for good results.
  • Lightweight as well as seamless animation keep adios very engaging and interesting.
  • The audience will have chance to connect with the content in very memorable way.
  • One can go in for in-depth documentation.

Web Design Agency

Meant to enhance sales and attract customers.

A lot of website design agencies are using these templates in order to make the development process efficient as well as fast.

  • It is efficient.
  • A positive impression makes it very unique as one can choose the color scheme.
  • It showcases perfectly in the creation of interesting websites.
  • It can attract customers on account of its awesome features.
  • It contains features such as PSD files,  top button,dropdown button , Google Map, Favicon, tabs , social options and web fonts.
  • The modern music based theme has been built with the best SEO practices in one’s mind. This has helped more traffic and has ranked well on the engine.


A flexible and powerful customized WordPress theme meant for multipurpose themes.

  • It is has been designed to perfectly manage the design as well construction of the website across one’s board both from personal and corporate angle.
  • It is beneficial from commercial to nonprofit.
  • It is well designed for illustrators, designers, and artists of all kinds such as graphic designers illustrators animators and freelance artists.
  • Content is vibrant of high quality.
  • Images are of high resolution.
  • Videos are available.

Best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers of 2017Calafate:

  • Calafate is responsive and colorful.
  • It  is  a resourceful platform for building  unique websites with much comfort.
  • It provides much freedom for creative freedom for one’s expression.
  • Pagers can be created within minutes in a rather exquisite style without any sort of coding.
  • It helps in showcasing the content to the required audience in clever manner.
  • It contains a “creative blogging layout”.
  • Products and services can be packaged without any hassles.


  • It is sylish as well as aesthetically refined and very elegant.
  • It is fashion conscious oriented.
  • Very hep as well as trendy.
  • Functional and very flexible.
  • Sophisticated form of WordPress.
  • A freelancer website theme.
  • It involves a “deeper sense of beauty”.
  • It consists of all the required templates, plugins as well as page templates.
  • Webmasters of any background can master it.
  • It is techno-savvy.


It is ideal for industry oriented websites. One can exhibit one’s content in well polished and brilliant manner to the viewer.

  • Customized.
  • Visually
  • Flexible.
  • Professionally graphic oriented designing.
  • Modern, sophisticated and elegant.
  • It consists of tons of widgets.
  • Spectacular CSS3 animations.
  • YouTube.
  • Vimeo Support.
  • Portfoklio.
  • Grid styles.
  • Lots  of  Homepage.

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