Review of Microsoft Lumia 540

Review of Microsoft Lumia 540

The Microsoft Lumia 540 is facing competition from the Android rivals as well as its own sibling, the more powerful Microsoft Lumia 640

Microsoft continues to focus on the reasonably priced smartphone space because that is where big sales volumes are. The dual SIM Microsoft Lumia 540 is the latest phone in this category. But is it really worth the money? Look at some of the review of microsoft lumia 540

Good looks, but slippery

The Microsoft Lumia 540 is good-looking phone with shiny plastic body. It looks very alike to the Microsoft Lumia 640. It comes in funky colour choices like orange and blue along with more traditional black and white. The back panel of the Microsoft Lumia 540, although, can be a bit slippery. The screen lock or unlock button is placed in the middle of the right side panel and is easily available with one hand.

This is a phone that is nicely put together, and we did not notice any clear measures to cut down on material quality to make it reasonable.

Sharp and bright display

The Microsoft Lumia 540 comes with a 5-inch IPS LCD display with the ClearBlack technology, which deepens the black colours on screen, thereby making all other colours look better. It also claims to make the show less pensive in bright light, thus the text appears crisper. Colours look quite natural and submissive, compared to some displays on rivals smartphones that enhance colour reproduction to make the screen look better than it actually is.There is also a setting that allows the user to further tweak the screen’s colour richness and diffusion levels.

The Huawei Honor 4X (Rs.10,499) has a brighter display comparatively, but the Microsoft Lumia 540 is more user-friendly in bright light or outdoors during the day. The screen resolution is 1,280×720 pixels, which makes it a good choice for watching movies and videos.

Lag-free performance

The Microsoft Lumia 540 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor. It is not a very powerful processor, but because of Windows Phone’s better optimization and hardware, it handles games such as GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience, with ease such although the load time is slow, the gameplay is smooth. For most users, this phone can handle movies, social networking and Web browsing with ease and can open 6-7 apps at the same time before the lag starts to show.

The internal memory is limited to 8 GB, but there is a microSD slot that supports up to 128 GB memory cards. Microsoft is bundling 30 GB OneDrive cloud storage for backing up photographs and documents.

Latest OS but recognizable UI

It runs on Windows 8.1 OS with the familiar-looking tile interface. Known as Live Tile, this feature enables app updates on the applications time itself, such as the latest updates on the Facebook application and the newest updates in the news app. The level of customization features are limited compared to Android—such as themes that a lot of Android phones offer. But the good part is that if someone wants a simple smartphone, Windows Phone is most absolutely a better bet than Android.

The Microsoft Lumia 540 comes pre-loaded with Skype, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and the mobile version of the Office suite.

Microsoft has said that the Lumia 540 will be among the list of phones that will get the Windows 10 for phone update later this year.

Slow camera, but good in low light

Affordable Microsoft Lumia phones always have 1 big problem—the camera is extremely slow in capturing a photo, processing it and then saving it to the photo gallery. Microsoft Lumia 540 with its 8 mp camera has the same problem. But if you are patient, this camera can capture details and colours very well. It is surprisingly good in low light too. The 5-mp front camera has a wide-angle lens which can easily fit 3-4 people in a frame. It is not very crunchy but good sufficient for selfies.

Despite the positives, the Honor 4X has a better camera and the image processing is much quicker as well.

Battery that lasts a day

The Microsoft Lumia 540 comes with a 2,200 mAh battery, which gave more than a day’s backup with reading, social networking, Web-browsing and watching movies.


If you want an reasonably priced smartphone, the Windows Phone Lumia 540, at Rs.10,199, is one option that does not really do much wrong.

Review of microsoft lumia 540

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