Micromax-Vodafone bring 4G smartphone at under Rs 1,000

Micromax is actually planning to bring possibly the lowest priced 4G smartphone to India, that may be priced lesser than Rs 1,000 in order to take back foremost position amongst the top five players in the segment by coming year end.

What there is to know about Micromax?

  • The Micromax is a leading home-bred brand quite akin to peer group, facing stiff competition from the existing Chinese
  • Plans are on to launch the Bharat 2 Ultra from next month along with the calling as well as data plan from the Vodafone.
  • The effective price of the device will be around Rs 999 as consumers do buy the phone that will get cashed over three years thus bringing down the buying price from Rs 2,899.
  • This decision will provide a two-fold advantage to the existing partnering companies for the Gurgaon-based handset that makes the deal which adds on to the volume sales while the No 2 carrier would have more new customers .
  • Focus is on the new entrant Reliance Jio as the market leaders as well as even the market leader Bharti Airtel which was recently having a partnership with Karbonn Mobiles to be able to provide a 4G smartphone at rather very effective price of Rs 1,399 on the condition that the consumer does have a minimum recharge of Rs 169 a month for three years.

What action is Micromax taking?

  • Relying on the sales from the tie-ups with state based carrier BSNL has joined forces the present coming quarter as it plans to take on 530 million featurephones in the user market that is yet to switch over to smartphones. Micromax is thus hoping to benefit from both the trends.
  • To be able to avail the smartphone one has to offer the consumers who will have to be able to recharge their own respective phones for nearly about Rs 150 a month. Once 18 months are over the users will be able to receive their cash back around of Rs. 900 and after another about 18 months, cash back of about Rs 1,000 respectively, in their Vodafone M-Pesa wallets, enabling them to transact digitally or even withdraw cash.
  • For availing the smartphone offer, consumers will have to be able to recharge their phones for about Rs 150 a month. Once the 18 months are over the users will be able to receive cash back of about Rs. 900 and after about another 18 months the cash back of about Rs. 1,000 respectively and in their Vodafone M-Pesa wallets thus enabling them to transact digitally or rather withdraw cash .

One can observe that MicroMax has fresh ideas with regard to smartphone and has made quite an impact on the market. The cash equations of its product are quite impressionable. Users will definitely be allured by its unique features and is cash viability. Certainly, MicroMax has a good feel of the market of smartphones.

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