Qudos for Twitch Mobile App !

Twitch is popular for its gaming streaming services and is making certain big changes to its existence as the app on Android and iOS. It will include several features that have been wanted by its users.

What are the new features of Twitch?

  • Functionality tweaks.
  • Aesthetic changes
  • One can stream directly on one’s mobile from the existing app.

More features of twitch  which are in the offing:

  • Focus on navigation bars: These are easier to access to, such as features that include “pulse” “live” and “browse”.
  • Swipe Surfing: This happens to be new swiping gesture that lets one quickly do the things that select the new streams or access the playlists.
  • Pulse: Twitch happens to be a new content recommendation as well as discovery feed.
  • Mobile streaming: This is a newer form of option that allows streamers directly to their respective channel by swiping down the respective screen.
  • Instant playlist: This is a collection of various forms of content that is accessible by swiping down on one’s screen.
  • Notifications: These mobile based notifications match up to the several desktop experiences.
  • Language ranking: These are featured streams that are organized and based on certain languages and regions.
  • Language ranking: featured streams organized based on certain languages and regions
  • Dark Mode
  • Notifications: mobile notifications now match the desktop experience
  • Twitch new app version was expected to arrive early July so the users can now avail it.

Know more about Twitch

  • This Amazon owned game streaming based site has brought in series of changes in mobile applications. Here a few:
  • The ability of the broadcasters to be able to streamline directly to their channel through this app. It,  of course, does not imply that as of now one can streamline gameplay.
  • To be able to go directly live from mobile.
  • Innovative content.
  • Twitch users can use their own blogs on the given network and also share their respective interests outside the gaming processes such as costumes, music and more.

The success of Twitch:

It has been really “exploding” in the real sense of the term. The creation of various types of content is well supported by Twitch. Twitch has more in the offing and users can expect more from this app.


Know more about Twitch Android app:

Twitch Android app has been very useful to observe streams, but it is now better. In fact, Twitch has announced a major new update for iOS and Android apps having brand newer form of interface and few notable

The New Twitch Interface:

The interface consists of bottom based tab bar with about three pages: Pulse,  Live and Browse. Apart from these, there are newer swipe motions for the selections of new videos thus returning to earlier streams and then accessing playlists and so forth.

Twitch has indeed revolutionized the app market and will be very useful to users who are innovative and would like to try out newer forms of mobile apps.


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