Sarahah App: What is Sarahah all about?

The world of mobile and messenger apps is being revolutionized and more and more innovations are being made to provide a better choice to the user.

There are several website apps in the market but now the popular Sarahah app in the Middle East,  in places like Saudi Arabia and Egypt is gaining ground. Sarahah, is a new form of website app version. It was released in the month of June and since then it has gained much popularity. Many users are absolutely crazy about this new app and are using it for their personal and other purposes.

What is special about Sarahah?

• It has been downloaded nearly 5 million times  on Apple’s Store and Google Play.
• It has gone viral like Facebook , Instagram , Snapchat and other apps. In other words, it has coped up with the stiff competition with other messenger apps.
• As of now one cannot reply to messages, but this option is also being looked into by Sarahah.

How to download Sarahah?

One has to go to either App Store or Play Store and then download the app or go to the website and then create a required account. Once this is done, then one is better placed to send in message to one’s friend or family or anybody that one wants to do so.

Sarahah Profile:

One has to create a Sarahah Profile that one can visit. Even without having to log in, a person can visit the profile and leave messages anonymously. In case,  they  have logged in, messages can be anonymous by default, but users can tag onto their identity.

On the app of the receiver, the messages can be seen in an in-box and one can flag the messages, reply to them or delete them and so forth.  One can locate them quite easily.
Sarahah was designed by a Saudi Arbian Zain-Al-Abidin T.

Sarahah App: What is Sarahah all about?Features of Sarahah:

• The identity of the logged –in  senders  to respective users will not be revealed.
• Messages cannot be viewed unless and until they are shared.
• Privacy is maintained.
• Anonymous messaging app.
• One can send messages without logging in.
• There are risks of cyberbullying on this app.
• Involves in self –help among users by receiving” constructive  anonymous based feedback.”

Sarahah is on App Store and Google Play. It is gaining ground on the social network front. It is meant to receive as well as  send back messages.


No doubt, there has been a 50 to 50 % percent of opinion about it  application  as one can leave messages which can be very hurtful.  Many are receiving several hateful messages. Whatever said and done, new apps will be coming into the market and it’s the decision of the user whether to go in for it or not. Sarahah has its own appeal, but some prefer to make use of it; others have a

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