SEO in 2017: Mobile optimization as a competitive advantage

Mobile optimization must have a competitive advantage and for that a comprehensive view must be taken; in other words, a holistic approach is essential. The mobile culture has come to stay and is well entrenched now as an industry. The number of mobile users has increased over a period of time and now the marker is flooded with newer mobile phones. Normal practice is the desktop mobile arrangement and , therefore, mobile optimization has become an essential element of mobile industry.

What involves mobile optimization?

  • One has to identify mobile optimization.
  • There are mobile searches as more users make use of mobiles.
  • If a website takes time to load than 50% viewers leave that particular website.
  • If the website is not mobile friendly then the users leave the page.
  • Unreliable mobile date can lead to user problems

Desktop approach vis-avis mobile approach

The desktop approach for searches is very common but many users prefer the mobile approach. It is, therefore , important  that the  SEOs make the mobile searches user friendly. As of now ranking is more based upon desktop approach. In due course, mobile will take over and preference will be given to mobile users rather than desktop operators by SEOs.

What are the elements of mobile friendly approach?

  • Content must be dynamic.
  • Web design must be responsive.
  • Separate URLS mobile sites.

Responsive web design approach is meant for mobile user friendly and must be made use of unless it is decided upon not to do so for a very good reason. Sites are usually technically very responsive. Of course, responsive web design is only a small element of mobile user friendly approach. The scenario is larger when it comes to creating mobile friendly user approach websites.

Google has come up with several tools for user visibility and these must be used in order to optimize the mobile utilization. Also, there are several Search Console  issues with regard to mobile usability such as :

  • Viewport is not figured.
  • Flash usage.
  • Fixed-width viewport.
  • Smaller font size.
  • Content not be sized to viewport.
  • Touch elements that happen to be too close.
  • Interstitial usage causing poor usage of mobile.

These are the essentials that Google looks into and reports according to the webmasters.

Mobile optimization as a competitive advantageSpeed:

Speed is an essential element and for this certain issues have to be taken into consideration such as :

  • Mobile friendly test.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Website Test.
  • The web needs to be faster.
  • AMP pages.

The fundamental approach in mobile optimization is that one needs to focus upon mobile-friendly oriented designs and page speed. These enable better mobile optimization. Of course, merely for using on these two elements does not add up to the optimization of a mobile. As mentioned earlier, other aspects as well play a major role in greater efficiency in mobile optimization.

It is, therefore, quite obvious that mobile optimization does involve certain issues in ensuring better results.

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