First impressions on blackberry’s Classic is no comeback

First impressions on blackberry’s Classic is no comeback

First impressions on blackberry's Classic is no comeback

BlackBerry had launched the Classic phone that looks deceptively like its wildly popular Curve & Bold phones, in New Delhi event today and reviews are already a trickling in.

The general agreement seems to be that as this is great device for BlackBerry fanatics who had refused to move on to greener fields of Android and iPhone, it is going to have tough time for convincing anyone who have moved on to the move back.

Sure, it has the same QWERTY physical keyboard that had an enraptured BlackBerry fanatic who used BlackBerrys’ Curve and Bold smart phones. QWERTY keyboards make us to type faster & more accurately, goes the common desist. Except that if used to virtual keyboards on the Android and Apple devices, it is not always true.

‘Going back to physical keyboard this past week twisted out to be cumbersome,’ said by Scott Mayerowitz of Associated Press, who has been using an iPhone for the last 4 years.

‘Critics have also banged the device for its lackluster camera. NDTV Gadgets said that the camera took way too long to lock focus and moving objects were not captured very well.

NDTV writes:

Low light results be highly changeable in terms of noise & sharpness, and objects at even slight distance could not captured clearly. Videos are recorded at 720p by default and are little rickety, with unsurprisingly low detail levels even in the bright daylight.

Apps are also problem too. The phone comes with 2 app stores like BlackBerrys’ own ‘lackluster BlackBerry’ World and Amazons’ Android App store, which offers subset of apps found on the ‘Google Play Store’. There is no Uber & no Instagram, for instance, a deal breaker for most of the people.

BlackBerry is also being called out ? for pricing the Classic on higher side at Rs. 31,990. Blackberry has perception problem such as casual users outside enterprises are dumping the platform in droves & BlackBerry needs to do all it can to stem the flow. Aggressive pricing should had been key part of that strategy, especially when prices of high end Android devices have stumble in the last few months.

Photo credit: César González – Destinos360  / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

What seems stellar on Classic is the battery life. On NDTVs’ video loop test it lasted an impressive 14 hrs and 54 mits. That is no reason to switch, is it?

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