Google adwords: Supercharges one’s call-only ads with ad extensions

In order to ensure dedicated service or wanting specific questions answered, people often try picking up the phone to be able to speak to a real existing person. Advertisers also take advantage of this and have a direct conversation with their respective customers – on the average, calls are converted three times better than the usual web clicks.

Many advertisers are making use of call-only ads in order to be able to generate more phone calls from their respective mobile search.

Now we are able to introduce the upgrades to be able to have access to call-only ads, that tend to start from the launching of ad extensions. This is the first time, one will be able to show ad extensions with their call-only ads and be able to promote more relevant based information about their products cum services. One gets the opportunity to also to choose from one’s own business.

Google adwords: Supercharges one’s call-only ads with ad extensions

Which are the extensions for call-ads that roll out to an advertiser?

  • Location extensions – This provides adequate information about one’s nearby business locations which customers require to be able t visit the respective store.
  • Structured snippets – Specific details about one’s products cum services that make use of predefined headers such as “Destinations” and “ Types”. For instance, a rental car based company might want to list out various car classes such as sedans, hybrids as well as SUVs.
  • Callout extensions – These provide unique offers as well as benefits, such as 24-hour call center based services.
  • Structured snippets – provide more specific details about your products and services making use of use of predefined headers such as “Destinations” and “ Types”. For example, a rental car company might want to list various car classes like sedans, hybrids, and SUVs.
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How do calls help?

These help in engaging increasingly in the mobile-based first audience. They are also interested in better conversion rates as compared to the mobile text ads that take into account customers who are on site Relevant information can be gathered. One has to be very particular in their interactions and businessmen are therefore provided with information about on-site appointments as well get a better insight into the accessibility of trained technicians.

On account of these call facilities, business establishments are able to sustain their customers and increase their customer base as well. The main aim is to focus on the driving leads as well as sales from the respective phone calls. Those who are making use of search engine marketing tools find these calls helping their businesses to grow and the more the number of calls the more the business. Also, client campaigns are improved upon. One can assist customers over the phone.

Call ads will come into focus on the search engine results and provide users reasons to call up.


Calls ads are indeed very useful to enhance business. Business players in the industry can promote their business by making use of them.

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