LG G5 Modular Smartphone Set to Launch in India


G5 IS The first LG modular smart phone, here users can swap modules to get better camera, music or battery performance. It is having unique dual – camera set up on the rear.

LG G5 Modular Smartphone Set to Launch in India

LG India as shceduled the launch of G5 modular Smartphone in the month of June. These smart phones launch take place in Gurgaon and the smart phones that are available for pre-order on flip cart. This smart phone is made out of separate components, Which enable users to upgrade certain functions independently. G5 is the world’s first Modular smart phone which allows you the flexibility to transform a smart phone in to digital camera. The smart phone comes with an outstanding 16MP autofocus primary camera which captures high quality images. This smart phone appears in silver, Titan and Gold colours.

 LG G5 Modular Smartphone Set to Launch in India BATTERY AND CONNECTIVITY:

The battery and connectivity of LG G5 is which provides excellent hours of talk time and fast charging. The phone also comes with fingerprint sensor which enhances the protection of your personal data. The smart phone can be used just as a camera or Hi-Fi wireless audio. The modular smart phone comes with a powerful configuration and metallic body.


The technology of LG G5 smart phone is GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE.


The operating system or platform used for LG G5 smart phones is Android OS, V6.0.1 (Marshmallow) , CPU is 2.15 GHz kryo and dual-core 1.6 GHz kryo, GPU is Adreno 530.

FEATURES: Gyro, Fingerprint, compass, Barometer, Color Spectrum.

TESTS: The performance of LG G5 smart phone is Basemark OS II:2425 / Basemark OS II 2.0: 2314, Basemark X: 27577.

LOUD SPEAKER: Voice 68db / Noice 66 db / Ring 73db.

AUDIO QUALITY: Noise -92.6db / Crosstalk -93.3 db.

BATTERY LIFE: The endurance rating of LG G5 smart phones is 60h.

STATUS: Available. Released 2016 April.

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