Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is Pay Per Click?

In 1998, go to pioneer the idea of selling a search ad. One can buy search results for as low as penny or 2 per click.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This system has quickly evolved into one of the worlds’ most competitive market places.

Pay per click (PPC) search engines can give immediate traffic and allow testing a new business models in the real time. Though, the pay per click market is competitive. It is importance of spending an extensive period of time learning how to write and target an ad, tracking the competitors, and doing deep keyword research before jumping in.

Why to use Pay per Click?

Sometimes cannot have enough money to or simply do not want to wait. Pay per click(PPC) search engines allow to be listed at the top of search results quickly, which allow to:

Quickly gathers the feedback on market conditions.
Split test live audience and gather ad test results in the real time.
Prototype ideas to track a demand before to invest into a new business model or are stuck footing bill for a new site.

As an example of power of Pay Per Click (PPC), can use ‘Google AdWords’ to offer free white paper about the topic from one page website. If nobody is interested in downloading the white paper, or cannot seem to get an adequate click through, then that could indicate one or several things:

You are not bidding high sufficient to get exposure.
The market is not however ready for the product.
You are marketing it from a wrong angle.
Your landing page is not making convincing offer.
You are marketing it to wrong people.

Why Pay Per Click (PPC) is Important

We are working to raise the rankings of one client for few competitive phrases. It was taking honest investment in time and money. Then we started a pay per click (PPC) campaign to test the numerous terms. As it turns out, the conversion rate for words we thought we needed were not great. There were couple, other terms with lower search frequency and less competition that converted remarkably well. Had we not done pay per click marketing, we might have never properly focused the SEO efforts. In less than a month, on about $300, we increased the productivity of site tenfold.

The only way to be sure of anything in marketing is to test it. Pay Per click(PPC) marketing allows to test in the real time with the fastest feedback loop of any marketing medium in world.

PPC versus SEO in the Small Paid Niches

The more expensive the related Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are, the more value there is in performing SEO on site in paid niche. If the average cost per click is $5, then $1,000 SEO campaign pays for itself after only few hundred targeted visitors.

Yahoo and Microsoft tend to be bit sloppier than the Google at monetizing niche advertisements. Google has the larger supporter base and props up an ad costs using something they call quality based minimum bids.


If you are uncertain whether an SEO campaign would justify its fees, can run a test Pay Per Click (PPC) account to see what type of demand there is in the target market.
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Pay Per Click (PPC)

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