Twitter announces launch of news linked platform

Twitter announces launch of news linked platform

Twitter has announced the new product that will make its real-time news feed available to everyone whether they are on the desktop, mobile or even signed into the Twitter.

According to the edge, the product is called Project Lightning and according to Twitter’s Kevin Weil, it will be the brand new way to look at tweets.

Twitter has taken a definitely editorial approach to news curation, complete with the team of people with newsroom backgrounds who will recognize the best tweets for anyone online trying to follow the news story, so the users will not require to rely on blogs to understand the meaning from the events Twitter thrives on.

Project Lighting, on mobile, will live in Twitter’s home row and show collections about current events and breaking news. Each collection will be updated in the real time and load immediately. They will also take over the device’s entire screen, for showing off photos, video, Vines and Periscopes. The new functionality will work whether the user is an active user or not. The collections themselves can be embedded online and in other apps.

Lightning is supposedly a few months away from release and there is currently no projected release date for the functionality.

Twitter announces launch of news linked platform

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