Samsung Aims to core Apple With Earlier Launch

Samsung Aims to core Apple With Earlier Launch

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In the break with recent tradition, Samsung Electronics Company would move up the autumn launch of its oversize smartphone lineup by some weeks to mid-August, according to the person recognizable with the matter.

The South Korean company’s move is part of the offer to give its ‘Galaxy Note smartphone’-tablet hybrids some breathing room before mid-September, when Apple Inc. usually reveals its refreshed iPhone is a product whose popularity has the possible to control media & consumer attention for weeks.

Since the release of first Galaxy Note at the IFA Berlin conference in Sep 2011, Samsung has leveraged the annual trade show to glass case its latest Note model.

The device was the hit, & helped Samsung pioneer the new category: the oversize smartphone sometimes called the “phablet,” a portmanteau of phone & tablet.

Together with release of its flagship smartphone each February, Samsung built up the rhythm that suppliers, distributors & consumers could set their watch to: the Galaxy S & Galaxy Note would launch in Feb & Sep, respectively.

Samsung Aims to core Apple With Earlier LaunchBut Apple wrap Samsung’s noise last September with launch of the iPhone 6 & the iPhone 6 Plus, its biggest phone yet.

Not only did the iPhone six Plus’s 5.5-inch screen opponent the Galaxy Note 4’s 5.7-inch screen, the new iPhones were revealed six days after Galaxy Note 4 was introduced on Sep 3. The Galaxy Note 4 went on sale just weeks after new iPhones.

Samsung’s move to the mid-August would help it avoid that same fate this year, according to the person, who said launch event is being planned for the major U.S. city that has not so far been decided.

Moving date forward would also give Samsung the chance to insert some life into its mobile operations after the second quarter that was likely weak because of poor Galaxy S6 sales.

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