Signs That Your WordPress Site is Hacked

A concern often expressed by users is whether their WordPress site is hacked. The website has to be protected from hackers. Privacy of information is very essential. One would not like their messages being read or their communications interfered with. One must be able to get free as well instant access to required information.

How does one know that WordPress is hacked?

  • Security of content is doubtful.
  • Database has latest bugs.
  • Advanced scanner based vulnerability.
  • Keeping track of several websites is difficult, as others may have access to the information on them.
  • One can lose the entire data. This happens to be a very expensive affair.
  • Themes are vulnerable.
  • Passwords are weak.
  • Plugins are vulnerable.
  • Hosting of vulnerabilities.

These are some the signs of WordPress being hacked. It is important to be alert about them and try one’s level best to prevent it.

How to prevent hacking of WordPress?

  • Use of customized technology to do the needful check-ups.
  • Having a database with latest bugs and security measures.
  • Use of instant scan feature in order to get hold of security report.
  • Scanning of websites on a daily or monthly basis in order to keep track of its security.
  • Avail the services of security experts.

It is important to undertake all these measures. If one loses data then one suffers from heavy financial loss running up to millions of dollars.

Efforts must be made to keep one’s websites backed up and spam free, even if they are smaller websites. One must protect one’s content at any cost. Carefully optimized data must be well preserved. With the help of CDNs one can monitor one’s websites carefully. Then there is “bullet-free spam filtering and one must maintain the website through “brute forced login protection methods.”

The aspects that one must focus upon while taking into consideration hacking of websites are as follows:

  • Site stats analytics
  • Enhanced distribution
  • Social sharing
  • Plugin auto updatesSigns That Your WordPress Site is Hacked
  • Bulk site based management
  • Centralized posting
  • Easy CSS editing
  • Convenient widgets.

Hacking of website, be it WordPress is indeed a serious matter. Nobody likes their private information divulged. Business rivalry is sharp and one has to ensure that one stays in market. Naturally, hacking of WordPress can cause serious problems in business enhancement.

Checks and balances must be adhered to in order to prevent hacking.

Business angle to hacking:

Website is big business. Involves heavy amounts of money and maintaining privacy is an essential component of the business. Efforts are always on to  see  that  a business player in the industry stays ahead of time. WordPress getting hacked is not something to be overlooked. Necessary measures must be undertaken to prevent it and as mentioned earlier there are ways and means to deal with website hacking.


Signs of WordPress hacking can be distressful and needs  to be dealt with immediately. Ignoring it can be distressful indeed.


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