How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress?

For boosting sales it is important to add SSL and HTTPS in Word Press. The website business is all about profit gains and it is important to find ways and means to generate profit. The SEO has to maximize the profit why the content increase sales as well. Almost 25% viewers do care about SSL and this needs to be in Word Press to cater to their requirements. As one is aware EVS SSL boosts sales.

How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress?

One must take note of SSL Comparison Chart. The focus must be on domain validation, organization validation, extended validation, and wildcard certificates.

In case one wants to move from HTTP to HTTPS and wants to install SSL in WordPress, then one must install an SSL certificate onto the WordPress site.

What are HTTPS and SSL all about?

On a daily basis, we tend to get onto our websites either to make a sale or purchase or simply just to read it. In order to ensure the protection of the data that has been transferred one has to create a secure connection. This is where one has to refer to HTTPS and SSL. Both HTTPS or Secure HTTP is considered to be an encryption method meant to secure the connection between the browser of the user and one’s server. It makes it difficult for hackers to eavesdrop on one’s connection.

Each of the respective sites is given a unique SSL certificate for the identification purposes. In case, the server is pretending to be on HTTPS, and the certificate does not match. Then most of the modern browsers will warn the user from connecting to the respective site.

One often worries whether SSL and HTTPS slow down the WordPress website. Actually, this is not so and the speed change is very negligible.

How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress?What are the requirements for using HTTPS/SSL on a WordPress Site?

Some of the WordPress Hosting providers tend to offer free SSL with their respective plans. For instance, Siteground, a favorite provider offers a free SSL certificate with the help of their “grow big” plan. In case, one’s hosting provider is not offering a free SSL certificate, then one can ask them to sell the third-party SSL certificates. Most of the hosting providers such as Bluehost tend to sell them at a cost of $50 to $200. One can also purchase SSL from providers such as Godaddy. Once one has purchased the required SSL certificate, then one needs to ask one’s web hosting provider to install it on one’s server. It is indeed a straightforward process, not very complicating.

Procedure for setting up WordPress to make use of SSL and HTTPS:

In case, one is starting a new site and wants to make use of HTTPS everywhere on one’s site, then one has to update the URL.

Why shift from HTTP to HTTPS and have an SSL certificate installed?

Most of the payment providers such as Stripe, Paypal,, etc. will require that one has to secure the connection making use of SSL.

Why does one need HTTPS and SSL?

Recently, Google had announced that they will make use of HTTPS as well as SSL as ranking signal in order to get better results. This implies that if one made use of HTTPS, as well as SSL one, has to improve upon One’s SEO. One is already making use of SSL for one’s eCommerce sites such as OptinMonster, Soliloquy, and Envira Gallery. One will also switch over all the required content sites to SSL as well.

It is but obvious that HTTPS and SSL are required to be installed on WordPress for operational purposes.

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