Google CEO Sundar Pichai to fix cheeseburger emoji

Can you imagine cheeseburger has become a topic of worldwide discussion? Google CEO Sundar Pichai made it a topic of ‘cheesy’ discussion. Thomas Baekdal, who happens to be the founder of Baekdal Media, brought out the differences between them cheeseburger emojis that are being used by Apple and Google via Twitter.

What there is to know about Google Cheeseburger emoji?

  • The ingredients of the cheeseburger ordered by Apple in its emoji are the bun, tomato, cheese, patty, lettuce as well as bun again.
  • Google on the other is making use of the bun, lettuce, tomato, patty, cheese, and then another bun.
  • The difference that exists in both the emojis is the placing of the cheese layer which has attracted a lot of debate by those who love eating cheeseburgers.
  • Baekdal’s had tweeted nearly 14,000 times.

The cheeseburger lovers started observing the cheeseburger emojis that was being used by other technology companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, as well as Huawei.

It has been felt that there must be the discussion about what consists of the cheeseburger emoji of Google and placing it underneath the burger while Apple tops it. Chef Gordon Ramsay felt that a perfect burger was the one that has been ordered the cheeseburger at bun, tomato, patty, cheese, lettuce, and then the bun.

Pichai, on the other hand, is the view  that Google will re-arrange its own cheeseburger emoji. The cheeseburger emoji issue has become a topic of heated discussion and the participants in the discussion had much to say about how the cheeseburger emoji must be prepared. In fact,  Pichai felt all issues must be kept aside and the cheeseburger emoji issue must be given a serious thought.

The main focus of the debate:

  • Differences between the Google Cheeseburger emoji and Apple cheeseburger emoji
  • Other companies’ cheeseburger emojis such Samsung and Microsoft also an issue.
  • Ther perfect way to assemble the snack.

On the lighter vein it was the fun discussion and, naturally, those who love eating a cheeseburger would find it interesting to know how the layers of different companies’ emojis differ.

What are the main issues?

  • Where the cheese must be placed in the cheeseburger emoji.
  • Differences between major companies about it. Even Google differs.
  • Debate to find an adequate solution to the problem.

Surprisingly, Pichai will be dropping   all other  issues and  will be taking up the cheeseburger emoji issue to sort out the differences existing between various companies about the composition of the cheeseburger. Google believes in placing the meat below the cheese. Differences are there about the placement of the lettuce.


It is indeed interesting to note that Google giant CEO Pichai also has time for lighter vein issues and as these issues do also affect the business interests of the respective company. Issue do crop up about emojis now and then and these emojis do play a vital role in the enhancement of business.

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