Shocking, Unbelievable Hybrid Driving-Flying Robots

 Whether they may seem to be out of the blue, something strange in our daily lives, but these Hybrid Driving Flying Robots are in now as they will have important application in our daily lives. This has been observed in  a new study conducted by scientists, details presented in Singapore. Robots performing our work sounds exciting and manual work will be reduced. Robots will be geared to perform intricate tasks.

Unique features Flying Robots:

  • While flying they will not collide with each other
  • Offer benefits that are beyond the traditional flying-car concepts that science has set limits.
  • Both flying and walking is amazing like birds and insects do.
  • They can bypass impediments on the roads and also and above in the sky can fly across obstacles.
  • They will be useful as transportation as well.

Flying Monkey Discovery:

Earlier “ A Flying Monkey “ was designed that was able to fly and run and grasp things as well. Only the paths had to be programmed as it could not find its own path. The monkey would be finding it difficult to find safe routes on its own.

Now, the scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Brandon Araki,a roboticist had come up with this idea of this rather unusual robot.

Flying Cars in the Future Maybe?

These scientists have developed “flying cars” that can drive as well as fly in a simulated setting.


  • Parking spots
  • Landing pads
  • No-fly zones
  • Can find safe paths.

These details were presented at the Institute  of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Singapore.

Purpose :

  • Useful in disaster zones
  • Avoidance of collision in the air or on the roads
  • More advantages of regular cars
  • Overcome impediments on the road.
  • Robots can switch from regular driving to flying.


It is indeed much progress in science if we can have flying cars and flying robots to do our job. Now there are so many cars on the roads and it is difficult to drive. Flying  cars  would mean they would just fly over all the traffic jams. Yet every invention has certain flaws and that one has to see when these so called unimaginable inventions come into operations.

No doubt, flying automated taxis are yet to come into vogue. These are scientific forays which will materialize in due course of time when their usage becomes viable.

New gadgets are always welcome in the market and younger generation always wants to try something new. Flying robots , flying cars and even flying monkey appears to be something not beyond one’s imagination. But scientists’ are trying to come across such new technological inventions and we live in a techno-savvy world.

So the future is awesome and the generation to come can look forward to a techno savvy culture that brings forth new innovations that appear otherwise impossible.

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